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    Jon Frankel, Amber Puhl and their  Staff appreciate their dental patients. Today at  both the Toledo and Maumee locations each patient is receiving a complimentary coupon for an Expresso Car Wash!





    What Patients Want

    Many patients dread the thought of going to their dentist, then being referred out to another office.  Jonathan Frankel, DDS does most procedures “in-house”.

    • Dr. Frankel listens to what his patients want.
    • Dental patients want to stay at one office for their dental needs.
    • Cosmetic needs such as Veneers and Invisalign (invisible orthodontia), tooth replacement such as dental implants, bridges and partial or full dentures, same day restorations and crowns are all done at the same office.

    The office of Dr. Frankel is truly your dental home providing all the dental care you want.

    Dental Fear

    Many people hesitate to go to the dentist even though they know it is important.

    • Dental and oral health are directly related to over-all health.
    • Heart disease, stroke and diabetes are directly correlated to the health of your mouth.

    Patients of Dr. Frankel actually enjoy going to the dentist. Recently a new patient asked, “Is it look forward to going to the dentist?”   Keep healthy and have fun with Dr. Frankel… go to a dentist you can’t wait to see.

    High Tech Scan

    • “One of the things that amazes me when I visit Dr. Frankel is the advanced technology.” anonymous patient
    • Committed to utilizing the latest advances in dentistry Dr. Frankel is one of the only dentists in the area with a high tech scan
    • The high tech scan takes 220 images which integrate to show an accurate image of the head and neck area.

    Patients of Dr. Frankel can see missing teeth ideally replaced in a virtual image before treatment begins. Be the future… at the office of Dr. Frankel.

    Free Whitening

    • Graduations, weddings and summer vacations are a few of the many reasons to smile.
    • Teeth whitening systems brighten your smile and keep your teeth white.
    • Dr. Frankel and Dr. Puhl offer free whitening to all their new patients.

    “Thank you Dr. Frankel.  Keep smiling Toledo…you’ve got Dr. Frankel.” anonymous patient


    Each room at Dr. Frankel’s has a TV for patients to watch.

    • Recent information reveal there are great reasons to watch TV.
    • Just three quick reasons

    …Laughing makes you live longer…Learning new ideas or skills maybe even  just a new recipe keeps your mind alert…Relaxation and stress reduction not only make you live longer but enjoy a better quality life…

    “One of my favorite places to watch TV… at the office of my friends Dr. Frankel and Dr.Puhl.” Marie

    Snore Guard

    • Twenty-five percent of the people in the U.S. snore.
    • Sleep deprivation can be an issue when a family member snores.
    • Often Dr. Frankel can prevent snoring with a simple device called a snore guard.

    Call Dr. Frankel for a complimentary snore guard consultation 419-474-9611.  (It is usually the wife who calls.)

  2. Healthy Mouth – Healthy Body


    A recent study by researchers at the NYU College of Dentistry cited by the American Dental Society shows a correlation between gum disease and Alzheimer’s. Stroke, heart disease, and Diabetes have long been associated with gum disease.  Visit Jon Frankel and receive a brochure on a Healthy mouth and Healthy Body.

  3. I love going to my dentist because of the genuine friendly and helpful spirit that is present at Dr. Frankel’s office.  When I first came to this office I would get panic attacks in the chair as my past experiences with dentists had been so horrific. I can’t say enough good about my dentist and my dental hygienist–as well as the dental assistants.  I appreciate the professionalism, the decor, the kind of service, and the interest each staff member seems to take in me.  It is unheard of to get a referral to a specialist from any Dr. and get in the same day!  I was amazed at how Dr. Frankel and then the office personnel made a referral today, got a hold of them on the phone, and made it possible for me to leave the office and drive directly to the specialist. I trust and enjoy conversing with each staff member and appreciate the relaxed atmosphere–almost family-like feeling I get when walking in the doors and as I leave. In this busy, hectic, trouble-filled world–it is so nice to go to the dentist (the least likely person I would look forward to seeing) and actually enjoy going! Thank you so much EVERYONE for making me feel like you actually care and for changing my opinions of dentists and the dental experience. I recommend you to everyone I meet!!


    (written 6/17/2010)

  4. Top Five Dental Questions

    How can I get whiter teeth?

    Professional Teeth Whitening offered through a dental office is ideal. Custom-made Whitening Trays for at-home use and Professional Strength Whitening Gel are FREE for all new patients (in the absence of dental disease) at Jon Frankel Dentistry. This individualized system allows whitening to the shade desired and continued maintenance of the new bright smile.

    In-Office (not complimentary) Professional Teeth Whitening options offer immediacy.  BriteSmile is an in-office professional teeth whitening procedure. It is one single visit (during which the teeth are isolated and the gums and lips protected) including four separate, 20 minute, whitening sessions activated with a blue arch light. The whitening ends with a complimentary fluoride treatment. KOR Whitening is an advanced in-office and at-home whitening treatment which brightens even dark tetracycline stained teeth. Brown or dark grey teeth can be whitened with the KOR Whitening Technology.

    Why are my teeth sensitive?

    There are many reasons teeth are sensitive. Decay, Fractures, Impacted or Decayed Wisdom Teeth, Sinus Issues, Gum Tissue Recession, Wear or Chipping at the Gum Line called Abfraction, Injury or even Sleep Apnea can cause teeth to be sensitive. Call for a complimentary consultation to find the cause and end tooth pain.

    Is it a problem if my gums bleed?

    Healthy gums do not bleed. The bacteria causing gum tissue to swell and bleed have been associated with systemic issues such as  Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease, Low Birth Weight in Babies and Miscarriage. Recent studies indicate Alzheimer’s disease and pancreatic cancer are also linked to oral health.

    Bleeding gums may indicate the beginning of Periodontal Disease, a chronic inflammation of the teeth and supporting tissue regarded as the leading cause of tooth loss.

    Call for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your Oral Health.

    I hate my smile. I never smile. What can I do?

    There are many options available to create a smile. Invisalign to straighten teeth, Veneers to change the shape, color, size, position and smile line, Bonding to re-shape teeth, Laser tissue re-contouring to reshape a gummy smile, Dental Implants, Bridges or Partials to replace missing teeth and Crowns to strengthen weakened, chipped, broken or decayed teeth are several of the treatments available to create a beautiful, healthy smile.

    Changing Lives, a Smile at a Time. At least once a day a patient leaves the office of Dr. Frankel smiling and commenting “I wish I would have done this sooner!”

    What causes bad breath?

    Bad Breath has many different causes but it can be remedied. Dry Mouth due to aging or medications, Sinus Complications, Restricted Airway, Inflamed or Pitted Tonsils and Gum Disease are a few of the common sources of unpleasant breath. Finding the cause leads to the cure!

  5. Wednesday Evening, April 6,  the entire staff from Jon Frankel Dentistry’s Talmadge Road location could be found at The Toledo Dental Society. You might have heard the laughter as this is a fun loving group. (They made the training a catered affair with a hot buffet and all the fixings to create fresh tacos!) The focus was on adherence to the latest CPR Guidelines. Stephen Shall, DDS lead the updated American Red Cross Training.

    The American Heart Association changes in CPR took effect on April 1st. The emphasis is on “Quality Compressions: at correct depth with full recoil and at a rate of 100 beats per minute”.

    • The shift is from A-B-C (airway-breathing-circulation) to C-A-B.Compressions are initiated within 10 seconds at a depth of 2 inches. The 30:2 cycles remain but begin with compressions
    • “Hands Only” CPR for laypersons means compressions alone at a rate of 100 bpm.Look-listen-feel” has been eliminated regarding airway and breathing.
    • “Look-listen-feel” has been eliminated regarding airway and breathing.

    Enhancing the early response is integral to updated protocol.  The AHA included other changes and points. This might be an excellent year to re-certify even if well within the two year renewal window.

    American Heart Association Rocket Science CPR Guideline Update

  6. Jon Frankel Dentistry in Toledo, Ohio and Frankel & Puhl Dentistry in Maumee, Ohio look forward to serving the community beyond the confines of our offices.

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