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  1. How often should I brush my teeth?




    • Twice a day, morning and night is recommended. (If you could remove every bit of bacteria, food and debris once a day would be enough.  The colonies of bacteria causing dental cavities or decay and gum disease begin to regroup right after you brush.)
    • Brush after eating foods that stick to your teeth.
    • Dry mouth or decreased saliva cause food to adhere to the teeth. Brush more often.
    • When you need to brush but cannot, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
    • Brush well, take your time (most patients brush only 37 seconds while brushing should last at least two minutes).
    • Use a strategic approach. Brush the areas toward your face,  the areas toward your tongue and areas where you bite and chew.
    • Use an electric toothbrush with a timer that pauses every 30 seconds. (You’d be surprised how many dental professionals use electric toothbrushes.)
    • Patients at the office of Jon Frankel have found the Philips Sonicare Flexcare and the Flexcare for Kids have improved their oral health significantly.
    • Brushing is not enough. The only way to clean between your teeth is flossing.
    • Floss at least once a day.
    • Allow the floss to go in-between the tooth and the gum tissue. Pull the floss tight against the tooth.
    • Dr. Frankel’s Dental Hygienist with 42 years of experience, Karen Kearns, suggests scraping the floss “up to your nose and down to your toes” while pulling the floss directly against the tooth making it into the shape of a letter “c” or “u”.
    • Use a tongue scraper. The Breath RX tongue scraper is inexpensive, dishwasher- proof and easy to use.


  2. “When someone offers you a breath mint, take it.” H. Jackson Brown, Jr. author of Life’s Little Instruction Book.

    • Halitosis or bad breath is a serious concern. The cause can be challenging to pinpoint without the guidance of a profession
    • Dr. Frankel can help identify the cause and recommend one of several treatments.


    Change your toothbrush at least every three months


    • Dr. Frankel recommends regular scheduled dental care visits every six months.
    • Care visits include a thorough evaluation of our mouth and teeth, an oral cancer check, a dental cleaning or prophylaxis and instructions on home care. Regular dental evaluations help prevent small issues from becoming big problems.


    Pre-Kindergarten Dental Evaluation


    • Many Pre-K school programs require a dental evaluation, make your child’s required first dental visit a fun experience.
    • Dr. Frankel offers excellent child-friendly dentistry beginning with a television in each room allowing children to choose their favorite cartoon network and ending in a fun treasure chest selection.

  4. How did you celebrate El Cinco de Mayo? Jon Frankel and Amber Puhl invited their entire to staff to a Toledo Mudhens game. In the comfort of a Fifth Third Field Party Suite the Frankel and Puhl Team sported sombreros and dined on an extensive buffet of Mexican Appetizers and Entrees.

  5. “Earlier this year I had all four wisdom teeth taken out at the same time. The staff at Jon Frankel Dentistry were amazing! Not only did they make me feel comfortable, but they also did it with professionalism and much-needed humor. They called me at home to monitor my brief recovery and I was so appreciative. My next step to a beautiful smile is getting fitted for Invisalign Clear Braces. I can’t wait to begin my journey. I encourage you to do the same by making an appointment at Jon Frankel Dentistry, you’ll be so happy that you made that first step!” – Rhonda B. Sewell, Media Relations

    Coordinator/Toledo-Lucas County Public Library

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