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  1. Jon,

    I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your practice. The fact that I was able to get in to see you within 24 hours, your staff brings me back before my scheduled appointment, then I see you within minutes – incredible and an experience I have never had with any type of doctors’ office. I have zero discomfort from the anesthetic or the work performed.

    I am recommending you to everybody I talk to. I hope you are taking on new patients. Let me know if you ever need a recommendation.

    Thank you,


    TDC Risk Management

    Jim Schwarzkopf, Principal




    Why Wait?

    When to Call the Dentist






    Call on me when your teeth are sensitive.

    Call on me when your gums bleed.

    Call on me when your breath smells.

    Call on me when your jaw clicks.

    Call on me when you clench or grind your teeth.

    Call on me if you suffer migraines.

    Call on me if your gums are receding.

    Call on me if a tooth changes color.

    Call on me if your mouth seems dry.

    Call on me if you snore.

    Call on me if you suffer from sleep apnea.

    Call on me if your teeth are stained.

    Call on me if your teeth are crooked.

    Call on me if your tongue burns.

    Call on me if your teeth are broken or chipped.

    Call on me if there is a bump on your gum.

    Call me if your teeth feel loose.

    Call on me several times a year to evaluate your teeth, tongue and gums.

    Call on me when you feel changes in how your teeth touch.

    Call on me when you feel changes in your partials or dentures.

    Call on me when you notice a strange taste in your mouth.







    Dr. Frankel prefers to correct small dental issues before they become big dental problems. Diagnodent, a diagnostic tool detects tooth decay early.  Unlike the traditional ways of decay detection including dental instruments called probes Diagnodent uses a laser like luminous light to detect decay at an early stage.


    • Detecting early decay means smaller restorations and preserving more natural tooth structure
    • Fluoridated water has made the outer surface of the tooth stronger which is a good thing…except when looking for decay in the natural deep grooves and fissures in teeth where it forms.
    • It is a challenge to find the earliest stages of decay without the new technology Diagnodent allows.
    • Early detection means smaller fillings and healthier teeth.


    Modern technology, healthier teeth and highly trained, caring Personnel…Dr. Frankel offers gentle, effective high tech dentistry.

  4. You might imagine an incredible Dental Office would attract amazing patients.  Jon Frankel Dentistry enjoys caring for an array of talented individuals. Dan Quigley, a guitarist extraordinaire and member of Alternative Metal Group, Hour 24 is just what the doctor ordered…remarkable!

    Dan and Hour 24 will be performing as the opening act for JTX on Friday July 1 at 9:00 pm at FRANKIES INNER-CITY on Main Street in Toledo, Ohio.




    Wisdom Teeth

    Dr. Frankel recommends recent high school graduates have their wisdom teeth removed before going off to college.  Third molars or wisdom teeth often become bothersome or painful during mid-term and final exams. There are several reasons for removing wisdom teeth.




      • Often there simply isn’t room for the wisdom teeth causing pressure, crowding and making it difficult to keep the area clean leading to decay and infection.
      • Most wisdom teeth, even if fully erupted, do not aid in basic function and are always a challenge to brush and floss
      • Impacted wisdom teeth (under the gums and not erupted) can develop cysts and occasionally tumors

      Call Dr. Frankel for a complimentary consultation to discuss removing wisdom teeth before leaving for college.

    • Curious about Cosmetic Options regarding your Smile?

      Mick Jagger had an emerald chip put in the middle of his upper right incisor, but people thought it was spinach. He changed it to a ruby until he got tired of people discussing the drop of blood on his tooth. Jagger finally settled on a diamond. (Mr. Jagger could have enjoyed a digital preview of his enhancements had he visited Dr. Jonathan Frankel.) Dr. Frankel offers complimentary cosmetic imaging creating a digital image of various smile options.

      White Spots on Teeth

      White spots on teeth have a variety of causes including nutrition, oral hygiene, tooth development, genetics and are often seen after braces are removed. Often the cause is decalcified enamel which may lead to decay.

      Dr. Frankel offers MI Paste a professional dental product. Many of his patients have enjoyed a reversal in the white spots on their teeth. MI paste is also helpful for patients with sensitive teeth and those suffering from dry mouth syndrome.

    • The connection between a healthy body and a healthy mouth has been well established. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, low birth weights in babies, miscarriages even pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer’s disease have been linked to the heath of your mouth.

      The first person you see at your regularly scheduled dental visit is usually a Registered Dental Hygienist. The dental hygienist is often associated with “just a cleaning”.  Whether a periodontal patient on a schedule of every three months or a routine patient on a six month recare schedule check for more. Your hygienist is on a mission to gather data.



      Top Five Screenings done by your Dental Hygienist


      Health History Review

      Changes in your medical history can dramatically change your oral health. Medications can cause dry mouth or lower your immune response to the bacteria that normally forms on your teeth. Additional aids such as natural healing gels or even at home fluoride treatments may be indicated.  Sleep apnea and snoring can be treated with an oral appliance. Asthma treatments may also cause complications in the mouth. There are endless associations. Let your hygienist and doctor know every change or new medication you are taking even over-the-counter remedies such as aspirin, health supplements and vitamins. Include the dosage. It makes a difference.


      Blood Pressure Screening

      Recent information suggests one in five persons has high blood pressure referred to as a silent disease.  According to the American Heart Association,, in the US 56,561 people died from High Blood Pressure in 2006. The only way to detect HBP is through a screening. Regularly scheduled dental appointments offer an ideal opportunity to check blood pressure.


      Oral Cancer Screening

      Yes, your hygienist should be pulling your tongue. Checking the lymph nodes and muscles around the face and neck area, checking all the areas in the mouth including the lips, throat, sides, back and under the tongue are important diagnostic check points. Oral cancer rates have not dropped and early detection is key. The Oral Cancer Foundation,, notes one person per hour, 24 hours per day dies in the US from Oral Cancer. These statistics can be lowered with earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment.


      Restorative Screening

      Taking digital radiographs or scans, using an intra-oral camera, the diagnodent (decay detecting device) and through a tactile and visual scan your hygienist checks for areas of disease, wear and decay. The condition of existing restorations will be noted along with any changes in previously restored teeth or in the way your teeth bite together. During the use of an intra-oral camera often the patient begins to point out areas of concern by themselves.


      Periodontal Screening

      The soft tissue survey includes checking digital radiographs and scans for bone loss, cysts, tumors and a constricted airway. The space between the gum tissue and the teeth will be measured and recorded in a process called periodontal charting (1-3 mm is considered within normal limits anything deeper simply can not be cleaned properly with a toothbrush or floss). The hygienist notes areas where bleeding occurs. Healthy gums do not bleed at all. Collection of information regarding the color and consistency of the gum tissue, recession of the gum tissue or mobility of the teeth completes the data collection.



      Dr. Jon Frankel is proud to have incorporated the Velscope System into our dental practice.


      The Velscope System, recently approved by the FDA, was developed by the British Columbia Cancer Agency and Vancouver-based LED Dental Inc.  It is a revolutionary hand-held device that provides dentists and hygienists with a new tool to aid in the early detection of oral cancer.  The Velscope examination is a non-invasive, painless procedure which takes only a few minutes.  The dentist shines a blue light into the mouth to cause it to fluoresce.  This fluoresence helps the dentist visualize abnormal tissue which may be, or may lead to, oral cancer.


      Over 30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer annually in the United States.  With a mortality rate of over 50% at 5 years, one person every hour of every day dies of oral cancer in America.  If detected early however, the oral cancer is 90% survivable.  Dr. Frankel states: “We’ve always conducted an annual comprehensive oral cancer screening for all of our patients, but the Velscope System will allow us to see things we’ve been unable to see previously. By detecting potential problems earlier, we’ll be providing our patients with the best oral health care currently available.”

      For more information regarding the Velscope System, visit or call Jonathan Frankel, D.D.S. with your questions, and to schedule an appointment 419-474-9611.

      Learn More!


      “The Dr. Oz Show” will feature a major segment on VELscope technology and oral cancer detection on Wednesday, June 8.

      The segment will feature regular show contributor and long-time VELscope user Dr. Jonathan Levine. According to Dr. Levine, who taped the segment this week, “This show, I predict, will start a movement for patients to DEMAND an oral cancer examination from their dentist and hygienist.  This will be the most powerful segment I have  done with Mehmet Oz.”


      Please click to find the channel and time the show will be airing in your market.


    • Your Own Personal Secretary

      Have you ever forgotten a dental appointment? Dr. Frankel offers e-mail, text messaging and personal telephone call appointment scheduling and reminders.

      Schedule appointments on-line at

      Receive a telephone, text message or e-mail reminder of your appointment

      Prefer not to receive a reminder simply opt out.


      Busy schedules need not mean hectic lives, Dr. Frankel and his staff respect your time and offer all the advantages of a personal secretary…personal reminders by telephone, e-mail and text messaging.

      Melissa Simon And just love that service!!! That reminds me, I have to call in and change August’s appointment.

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