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    Dental Veneers are a quick, permanent way to replace broken, chipped, stained or crooked teeth. Beautifully shaped porcelain sheaths, veneers allow a smile of ideal proportion and color.

    The process is relatively expeditious, a brief two weeks. After a thorough evaluation including dental impressions (a mold of your teeth is made by gently biting into a soft plastic material as it slowly hardens) a dental arts lab designs a wax mock-up of your teeth.

    The teeth are prepared and the gum line (if needed) recontoured. Often water laser is used to reshape the gum line (lengthening the teeth and evening any irregularities). Dr. Frankel uses Biolase to reduce a gummy smile or keep the gum line consistent with the smile line. Temporary or provisional veneers are placed. Two weeks later, the porcelain veneers are permanently bonded in place.

    Dr. Frankel has created hundreds of beautiful smiles. To a person, each patient has commented, “I wish I would have done this sooner.” A Gallery of before and after smiles line the Talmadge Office of Jon Frankel Dentistry and complimentary consultations are available at your convenience.


  2. Last year when one of Dr. Frankel’s patients mentioned a local Christian Rock band, Sanctus Real, had been nominated for Best Contemporary/Pop Gospel Album (Pieces of a Real Heart),  but needed sponsors for The Grammy Awards Ceremony he did not hesitate to help out. The entire band is “Toledo-Grown”.  Supporting Toledo comes easy for Dr. Frankel as he and his father Sheldon have been a strong presence in Toledo’s Dental Community for over 65 years.


    The lead singer and guitarist Matt Hammitt is generously sharing songs originally inspired by his son, Bowen, and a very personal experience. Giving comes natural to Matt. Toledo’s greatest treasures are her citizens, who are willing to give of themselves.





    Crystal Haskins is a Registered Dentist Hygienist, an Expanded Function Dental Assistant, Clinical Office Manager and a Professional Barrel Racer! Jon Frankel, DDS relies on Crystal’s fast paced, precise technique. Patients comment on her gracious smile and sunny disposition. If anyone asks, let them know in Toledo, Cowgirls do it BEST!



    Sleep Apnea (or repeated stopped breathing while asleep) may currently be one of the most under-diagnosed and severe impairments. The consequences are grave. High blood pressure, cardiovascular complications, memory problems, weight gain, impotency and headaches are a few of the sleep apnea related issues. People often are unaware of sleep apnea even though breathing stops hundreds of times a minute a night, many times for over a minute.


    Those fortunate enough to be diagnosed have a treatment protocol including a CPAP or BiPap machine. Compliance is a problem. The forced breathing apparatus works but patients simply refuse to use it. Reasons vary but may include the need to sleep on their backs, the mask leaking unless closely bound (leaving facial marks), allergic reactions to mask material, noise disturbing partners sleep, sensation of drowning or claustrophobia when using machine, and/or angst associated the with need to be attached to a machine at night.


    There are two main types of sleep apnea, Obstructive occurs when the throat muscles relax, Central occurs when your brain doesn’t send proper signals to the muscles controlling breathing. Complex sleep apnea is a combination of the Obstructive and  Central forms.


    Dr. Jon Frankel recently attended a continuing education course in advanced diagnostics and 3 D Cone Beam Radiology. The Cone Beam equipment at Dr. Frankel’s office offers a view of  the airway from several angles. Many patients are totally unaware their airway is constricted or that they may have sleep apnea. The technology at Dr. Frankel’s office allows patients to not only detect but treat sleep apnea.


    Dr. Frankel now offers an alternative to traditional CPAP and BiPap treatment. The Moses Oral Appliance is FDA approved. Acceptance is high as the “Moses” simply fits in the mouth over the teeth and dilates the airway allowing unobstructed breathing.  Home sleep studies have confirmed the Moses Oral Appliance efficacy.


    Call Jon Frankel Dentistry for a consultation, 419-474-9611.


    The moment you walk in the Talmadge office of Dr. Jon Frankel, you know something is different. The subtle, soothing colors and the smiling patient gallery lining the hallways lend a sense of comfort and family. “It is the small things that make a big difference” comments Dr. Frankel.


    Small things like offering every patient his cell phone number.  Greeting each new patient personally and asking what is important to them. Then addressing their individual concerns before anything else.


    Jonathan Frankel attended Ohio State Dental School as did his father, sister, aunt, uncle and two cousins. Dentistry and a family feeling are a natural for this Toledo native. Trained at the prestigious Rosenthal Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry in Manhattan and a member of the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Dr. Frankel has treated hundreds of patients to beautiful smiles.

    “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” comments Ann about her beautiful veneers. “I never thought I’d say this but I love coming to the dentist” says Brenda smiling.

    The happiness of Jon Frankel’s patients can be seen in their photographs. The beautiful smiles are captured in professional photo shoots at the studio of Grand-Lubell Photography.  Stevie Grand makes the experience effortless and fun. Bob Lubell is the creative genius behind Photo Booth Live. Photo Booth Live is a portable and interactive photo session available for events. Both can be found at and

    Providing fun experiences such as photo sessions and  General and Cosmetic Dentistry in a friendly, at home setting may be a “small thing” but for Dr. Frankel’s patients it makes a “big difference.”


  6. Healthy baby Teeth are Important.

    • Decay in baby teeth can spread to the underlying permanent teeth.


    • The primary dentition or baby teeth act as guides for the secondary or permanent adult dentition.


    • Early visits to Dr. Frankel offer children a life-time of dental health and fear-free dental office visits.





    Featured in The Toledo Free Press and on Toledo Channel ABC 13 News and TLC’s ‘Extreme Couponing’, Joni Meyer-Crouthers has been sharing her beautiful smile and infectious laugh with Jonathan Frankel and his staff for years.

    Silently encompassing an innate understanding of value and valor, Joni is no longer one of the Toledo Area’s best kept blessings!

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