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  1. Dr. Jon Frankel  Dental Staff Toledo, Ohio

    Dr. Jon Frankel
    Dental Staff
    Toledo, Ohio

    Six Top Tips Dental Emergencies

    #1 Do Not WAIT!

    At least several times a day you can hear Dr. Frankel state, “I like to take care of small issues before they become big problems”. Occasionally dental emergencies come unannounced but often there were tell tale signs. Anytime you sense something is just not quite right, schedule a dental visit. Dental disease can be silent but often the patient senses something is off. Go with your instincts. Check it out.

    #2 Prevent

    Regularly scheduled preventative care reduces emergencies dramatically. X-rays can detect decay, bone loss, fractures, infection, erupting or impacted teeth and many other potential issues. Clinical evaluations expose tissue anomalies, bite problems and offer a through evaluations of areas overlooked at home like under the tongue. A few tips from your dental team can prevent a life-time of discomfort and dental disease. It is remarkable the difference made by proper home care!

    #3 Manage Your Mouth

    Treating decay and gum issues early can ward off emergencies. Small cavities quickly move into the inside workings of the tooth. Once decay reaches the inner soft pulp the infection can grow quickly. The infection can break through the bone surrounding the tooth forming a small pimple on the gum tissue. Dental abscesses can be really painful, just slightly annoying or not noticeable at all. Left untreated they can cause overall health issues. Untreated gum disease can also form abscesses and loss of supporting bone. Treating dental issues early promotes dental and overall health.

    #4 Pre-Plan

    Complete necessary dental treatment before business or leisure travel or going away to school. The stresses of travel and study take a toll on the immune system and frequently what was a small issue, flairs up into a big problem.

    #5 Accidents Happen

    Accidents do happen. There are still a few helpful tips. If a perfectly healthy tooth is knocked out, place it in milk or slightly salty water. If it can be repositioned, place it back into the mouth. Go immediately to a dentist or emergency room. When involved in sports activities wear a Sports Guard. Schedule an appointment to check any injury out. X-rays detect problems and early treatment is always better,

    #6 Know your Dentist

    Dr. Frankel gives all his patients his personal cell phone number. When an emergency arises, he is available. Your oral and dental health is his first concern.

  2. Hygienist Karen Kearns flossing Christina's teeth.

    Five Top Floss Tips

    Dental Floss properly used remains the best way to remove the bacterial plaque from in-between teeth. Water irrigation or air floss is fine for debris or food lodged between teeth. The sticky bio-film that causes decay and gum disease is most efficiently removed with dental floss.

    Use un-waxed thin floss that frays.

    Covers more tooth surface.
    Will not leave a wax residue.

    Floss between the gum and the tooth.

    Pull tight against the tooth.
    Scrap up and down.

    Remove floss stuck between the teeth with waxed floss or dental tape.

    Tie a knot in the floss or tape.
    Pull floss or tape out through the side once it is between.

    Floss at least once a day.

    Remember the more you floss the easier it becomes.

  3. Toledo, Ohio Dentist Jon Frankel has great friends. Former Professional Basketball Players, Todd Mitchell and Jim Jackson have offered their time and talents to Ohio Area Youth for over 20 years. Registration is currently open for the 23rd Annual Mitchell-Jackson Basketball Camp.

    The Camp is for Boy and Girls, grades 5 through 11 who love to play basketball. The 2013 camp will be held daily July 8th through July 11th from 8:30 am to 4 pm at St. Francis High School in Toledo, Ohio. It offers 4 full days of instruction and game play with Former NBA Players Todd Mitchell and Jimmy Jackson!

    Check out their website, WWW.TODDJIMMYHOOPS.COM.

    This week at Jon Frankel Dentistry we are celebrating Father’s Day. One of our favorite Dads is patient, Jim Jackson.

    Parents hope for this kind of Basketball Camp Instructor. Registration is available online at the website, WWW.TODDJIMMYHOOPS.COM

  4. Research has shown over and over again that a Healthy Mouth promotes a Healthy Body but how do you get Dad to the Dentist? The Staff at Toledo, Ohio dentist, Jon Frankel’s office have five great suggestions.

    • Schedule a dental appointment for a grandchild. Have Granddad take the well informed, enthusiastic patient. Young patients often show the way for hesitant adults. We have seen several Grandparents who came in at a suggestion from their grandkids.

    • Remind your Dad to use his well earned insurance benefits before retirement. We hear regrets about lost benefits daily.

    • Have a serious conversation if you suspect dental disease. Health disease, stroke, diabetes, pancreatic cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease have a strong correlation to dental and oral health. It may be a difficult chat but a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.

    • Give Dad a gift certificate to see his dentist. Often scheduling the first visit is all it takes to motivate patients to revive healthy habits.

    • Remind Dads who snore that dentists offer an oral appliance that prevents snoring. You will all sleep better knowing your Father’s oral health is in check and his snoring has subsided.

  5. Dr. Sheldon Frankel

    Life was a lot simpler when what we honored was father and mother rather than all major credit cards. Robert Orben

    Dr. Sheldon Frankel often jokes, “Only floss the teeth you wanted to keep.” An indication of how deeply he cares for our patients is evident when our patients of 60 years up come in for their regular preventative visits. Dr. Frankel is 92 years young and his son Jon Frankel and daughter Karen Kearns continue the family tradition of caring for patients. They offer three ways your dentist care for fathers.

    • Complete needed dental care and continue with preventative visits. Heart Disease is the number one reason for death in men in the United States. Dental Visits promote heart health.
    • Schedule regular preventative visits. Nearly 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Survival rates depend on early detection.
    • Whiten Dad’s Teeth. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Once Dad’s smile is healthy. Let us whiten his teeth. We have found patients who whiten their teeth, care for their teeth. It’s all about a healthy smile.

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