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    Jon Frankel Dentistry Reveals Culture

    True Toledo
    (Part Three)

    Toledo offers a variety of activities. Many have become family traditions. The Staff at Jon Frankel Dentistry share their Top Ten Things to Do in T-Town.

    Walleye Fishing on Maumee River
    Local Sports Events Mudhens Baseball /Walleye Hockey/UT Football and Basketball
    Blowing Glass at the Art Museum
    The Sandpiper Boat Ride
    Toledo Zoo
    Magee Marsh Wildlife Area Bird Watching
    Fossil Park in Sylvania
    The Butterfly House in Whitehouse
    Mule Drawn Canal Boat Ride at Providence Metro Park
    Digital Before and After Photos at Jon Frankel Dentistry

    Please share the fun. Contact us at with your Favorite Thing to Do in Toledo!

  2. Alexa 1
    It’s that time of the year again, back to school. As parents, teachers, and students prepare for another successful school year, there are a few dental tips that should not be forgotten. Below, Dr. Frankel and his staff share their Top 10 Dental Tips for back to school!

    1.) A trip to the dentist should become part of your child’s back to school routine. When scheduling end of summer doctor appointments, include a trip to visit Dr. Frankel for a dental cleaning too!

    2.) Let your child pick out his or her own toothbrush and toothpaste. By doing so your child will start their dental routine excited about brushing. However, be sure to check to see if their new toothbrush is ADA approved.

    3.) Replace your child’s toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed. The start of the school year is a good time to replace a toothbrush, and every three months, students begin a new quarter, which is a good time to change their toothbrush. However, back to school time is also the time when most kids bring home pesky germs and other illnesses. If you child gets sick, replace their toothbrush immediately to quit spreading the virus.

    4.) Soft-bristled toothbrushes are the best and can clean teeth without causing unnecessary irritation to the gums. However, with smaller children, make sure the size and shape of the brush is comfortable to a child’s mouth. At Jon Frankel Dentistry, all children get a free toothbrush after their dental cleanings and children love them.

    5.) Don’t forget to have your children brush their tongue too! This often forgotten process helps remove extra bacteria.

    6.) Make brushing fun for your kids! Sometimes playing a game like “Simon Says” while brushing makes it more fun for children of all ages and help them to learn proper brushing and flossing technique.

    7.) Reward your children for good dental habits. But, be careful, don’t reward them with food that will damage their teeth, like too much juice or sugar.

    8.) Give your children tooth healthy snacks. Good examples include apples, celery, carrots, and calcium rich foods like milk and cheese.

    9.) Know what to do in case of a dental emergency. Dr. Frankel provides each of his patients with his personal cell phone number. Do not be scared to call him in case something goes wrong. Also, be sure to get your children fitted for a mouth guard to wear when playing sports. This will help protect their teeth and reduce the chances of an emergency.

    10.) Consider dental sealants to protect the grooves of the teeth from storing bacteria that will cause cavities. A simple dental sealant will keep teeth strong and decay free.

  3. Skylar Rose

    “Dr. Frankel is the only dentist I have every been to,” said Skylar Rose, a 19 year old beauty who currently attends Indiana University, majoring in accounting.

    Skylar’s ties to the Frankel family extend through multiple generations. Her mother and Jon Frankel grew up together, and Skylar played basketball at JCC with Dr. Frankel’s son, Jake, when they were children. These are the connections that help build Jon Frankel Dentistry into the dental family that we are today.

    Before she headed off to college, Skylar attended Northview High School where she was the point guard for the Lady Wildcat basketball team and wrote for the school newspaper. “I was voted best smile of my graduating class,” said Skylar, “but I never thought I would be one of Dr. Frankel’s models!”

    Skylar’s smile and excitement are contagious. She can easily change anyone’s mood with her positive energy and bright smile.

    Outside of school, Skylar is really into personal fitness. She has recently completed two half marathons:one in Chicago the other in Ann Arbor. In fact, her desires to be physically fit go beyond just a hobby. Upon graduation, Skylar’s dream job is to work for an athletic company like Nike.

    When she is not studying or running, Skylar enjoys scrapbooking and listening to country music. But she is sure she will never miss one of her routine dental visits, which now must be scheduled during winter and summer breaks from school. In fact, her favorite thing about visiting the dentist every six months is that Dr. Frankel and his staff remember everything she is involved in and ask about those activities when she is in the office. “Dr. Frankel genuinely cares about what is going on in my life and not just how my teeth are doing,” she said.

    We would like to wish Skylar, as well as all of our other patients who are heading back to school, a great school year. Let us know how you are doing with classes and all other extra-curricular activities at your next RECARE appointment.

    Skylar Rose2

    Like Skylar, we have had many patients who have only seen Dr. Frankel for their dental needs 🙂

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    Dorian Hooker, a patient of Jon Frankel Dentistry since 2007, opens a new sports facility to teach speed. And let us tell you, Dorian knows speed.

    At the age of 16, Dorian won the Junior Olympics in the 100 meter dash. To further his credentials, he is the most decorated athlete at University of Toledo in Track and Field. He is a five time record holder and a four time NCAA Track and Field qualifier as a sprinter. In 1997 Dorian won MAC titles in both the 100 meters and 200 meters. Additionally, he then anchored the 400 meter relay team that won the league crown. Today, Dorian still hold those five records.

    Now Dorian wants to take his skills and help young athletes and build champions. Recently he opened Pro Day Speed, Performance, and Training Program. This facility is dedicated to building a strong foundation for the overall athlete, enabling them to be the best at their sport. His goal is to help the serious and average individual meet their full potential through speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness training methods.

    The program is for kids (ages nine and up) and adults. He also has several different programs including, Core and Strengthening, Speed Camps, Group Programs, Teams Boot Camps, and Individualized training.

    Feel free to contact Dorian or visit his website for more information at

    Check out that awesome smile 🙂

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    Jon Frankel Dentistry Reveals Culture
    True Toledo
    (Part Two)

    Toledo seems to be the perfect starting point for people of interest. “Toledo Tough” grows ‘em right! The Staff at Jon Frankel Dentistry offer local favorites.

    Our Toledo Top Ten

    Jim Jackson (NBA Basketball)
    Oliver Cooper (Actor)
    Joe Burke (Filmmaker)
    Eric Kripke (Writer, Director, Producer)
    Katie Holmes (Actor)
    Todd Mitchell (NBA Basketball)
    Susan Feniger (Chef)
    Gloria Steinem (Journalist, Activist)
    Crystal Bowersox (Singer)

    Our personal favorite..
    Jon Frankel (Dentist)

    Please join the fun. Contact us at with your favorite Toledoan.

  6. photo(3)

    As a team member of Jon Frankel Dentistry for six years, Melissa, “Mel,” always has a bright smile on her face and a witty line to lighten any situation. It is her constant positive energy that has earned her this week’s Employee of the Week.

    Away from the office, Mel enjoys spending time with her two daughters and her husband; hanging with friends; swimming in their pond and visiting the lake.

    She is very proud of her two daughters ages two and four. Her eldest daughter paves the way for the younger one. In fact, just last week the older one was in the office getting her teeth cleaned. After the cleaning, the younger one climbed right into the chair wanting to get her teeth cleaned as well.

    The younger daughter is also quite the little firecracker. Recently, she was chosen as the cutest baby at the fair when she announced to the crowd, “Welcome to the fair!”

    Originally from Oak Harbor, Mel was a cheerleader in high school and is actively involved with her Alma Matter as the Varsity Cheerleading Coach.

    Back in the office, Mel is not only a certified EFDA, she also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Toledo. Additionally, Mel is the Manager of the Dental Assistants at Jon Frankel Dentistry, which means her job duties include helping the dentists with many procedures, filling teeth, scheduling, and much more. However, when you ask Mel what her favorite part of her job is she quickly states, “The patients, they are all really cool and just a pleasure to work with!”

    But as Dr. Frankel points out,” Mel is an important part of our team! She is always smiling and comforting our patients. She understands them and makes them feel right at home.”


    Now, that’s the smiling Mel we all know and love 🙂

  7. Tony Waters

    “I hadn’t been to the dentist in over twenty years,” said Tony Waters. “I knew I needed extensive dental work done, and I wanted the best to do it.”

    Originally from Tiffin, Tony has traveled across the country attending different colleges, chasing storms, and broadcasting on the radio under his alias “Tony from Chicago.” However, when his parents became ill and needed a little extra help around the house, Tony moved back to Tiffin one semester shy of graduating with a degree in meteorology. Today, Tony stills lives in Tiffin and is ready to finish school and pursue a career as a weatherman.

    However, Tony had one major flaw, his smile. Although there are plenty of dentists in the Tiffin area, none of them specialized in cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, when he asked one of his co-workers who she would recommend for a cosmetic procedure, she said, “Dr. Frankel in Toledo.” Soon, Tony scheduled his consultation, and his smile was completely made over.

    Tony Waters 2

    Tony believes Dr. Frankel creates miracles every day. Because of his new smile, Tony’s confidence has sky-rocketed. “I have always been a smiley person, but I tried to hide my teeth,” said Tony. “Now I want to show off my smile, but it is difficult because I literally had to teach myself how to smile again.”

    “The drive to Toledo is definitely worth it,” said Tony about the extra time it takes to visit Dr. Frankel. “He is gifted at his skill, and to me, the best in all of Northwest Ohio.”

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    Jon Frankel Dentistry Reveals Culture
    True Toledo
    (Part One)

    Places come and go elsewhere but “Toledo Tough” supports what it loves.

    The Top Ten Places we go.
    The Top Ten Places we know.

    Toledo Museum of Art (in T-Town for 112 years)
    Jeep (in T-Town for 71 years)
    The Toledo Zoo (in T-Town for 113 years)
    Libbey Glass (in T-town for 125 years)
    The Glass Bowl (in Town for 77 years)
    Mancy’s Steaks (in T-Town for 92 years)
    The Anderson’s (in T-Town for 66 years)
    Tony Packos (in T-Town for 81 years)
    Schmucker’s (in T-Town for 65 years)
    Frankel Dentistry (in Town for 68 years)

  9. Teeth Whitening

    -Answers to the Top Three Questions
    Our Dental Hygiene Team is Asked-
    Part Three
    Jon Frankel Dentistry, Toledo, Ohio

    How can I get whiter teeth?

    The norm for tooth color has changed. Teeth are whiter than before. Even the professional color guides have been updated to reflect the lighter shades. The first step toward whiter teeth is an evaluation and professional teeth cleaning.

    The evaluation will determine if the shade is internal or external. Stain due to bacteria, foods or habits like smoking can be removed with a professional dental cleaning. Internal stain will not lighten with a dental cleaning. There are however, several options toward lightening stain that has penetrated the tooth surface.

    It is essential to limit behaviors that darken teeth throughout the whitening process.
    Coffee, tea and red wine leave their mark! Close attention to avoiding foods that stain teeth like blueberries, facilitate rapid results. Immediately after whitening the teeth are receptive to color. Recommended foods like skinless chicken, poached white fish, cottage cheese and plain yogurt speed the process. White foods promote white teeth!

    There are several ways to whiten teeth. The type of stain is the primary determinant in choosing a teeth whitening method. Another factor is an upcoming event limiting the time allowed to whiten.

    Ways to Whiten Teeth

    -Over the counter whitening strips can whiten teeth. Often patients find this a simple approach to general teeth whitening.

    -Custom made professional whitening systems allow the patient to manage and control the whitening process. The individualized trays fit perfectly. Professional whitening systems are designed to lighten by repeated daily use. Time options for daily use include 15 minute, 30 minute, several hour or over night procedures. Proper and daily use is the key to success. Generally after two weeks of daily use the teeth are noticeably lighter.

    -In office whitening systems such as Brite Smile or Zoom offer one visit teeth lightening. Patients who have pre-whitened at home often achieve dramatic results. The process takes one to two hours. Continuing with at-home whitening keeps teeth light and may even further the whitening. This option is popular for individuals with an upcoming event or photograph/ film session.

    -KOR Whitening is an ideal solution for deeply stained teeth. It requires an in-office pre-conditioning, uniquely-designed individual trays for over-night use at home for two to eight weeks followed by an in-office whitening. Teeth previously considered impossible to lighten can be whitened with KOR Whitening. Absolute patient compliance is key attaining results. The results are life changing especially for those with Tetracycline stain.

    -A non-vital tooth has lost the vibrancy from active vascular and nervous tissue. Whether due to an injury, decay or a root canal procedure the tooth has died and will darken with time. Internal bleaching may temporarily lightened the tooth. Generally the final option is to prepare a full crown matching the adjacent teeth. Crowns do not lighten. Whitening the adjacent teeth to the desired color prior designing and placing the crown is recommended.

    There is an additional benefit to whitening teeth aside from a brighter smile. After taking the time and effort to whiten folks often take better care of their dental and oral health. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body!

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