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  1. Parents Beware! Halloween can be a time of added stress for both you and your children’s teeth. However, with a few helpful tips, the tricks of damaging treats may be prevented.


    As dental professionals, we do stress the importance to proper dental hygiene and care. However, Halloween is a time when kids should be kids. They should have the opportunity to go trick-or-treating and enjoy the candy they collected. But, as with many things in life, there should be limits.

    Below we are giving you six tips to help keep your teeth healthy this Halloween!

    1.) Indulge in Treats During Meal Time
    Having kids eat treats around meal time has two main benefits. First, by limiting treats to dinner or other times when meals are scheduled, you are making sure your children are eating healthy, nutritious food and not filling up on candy. Secondly, while eating your mouth produces more saliva which helps cancel out harmful bacteria in your mouth and wash food particles away.

    2.) Avoid Hard Candy
    Hard candies like Jolly Ranchers and Jawbreakers stay in your mouth for an extended period of time, coating your teeth in sugar, which will eventually lead to decay. Instead, it is recommended to eat candies like chocolate which melts quickly and are better for your teeth.

    3.) Avoid Sticky Candy
    Sticky candies like caramel, taffy, and gummy bears also bath your teeth in sugar and wedge in between the teeth which may cause cavities. Additionally, the stickiness of these candies may be damaging to fillings, causing them to become loose or fall out.

    4.) Drink More Water
    Drinking water can help rinse the sugar off of your teeth and protect them from decay. Each time you indulge in candy, be sure to rinse!

    5.) Donate Excess Candy
    While kids love to gather as much candy as possible, eating it all becomes a challenge. Select a limited amount of your favorite candies (preferably chocolate) and donate the excess. At Jon Frankel Dentistry we are buying back excess Halloween candy for a $1 per pound on Friday, November 1st from 7:30-2 and Monday, November 4th from 7:30-5. We will be donating the collected candy and toothbrushes to local Toledo troops who are currently serving our country overseas. Last year we got over 500 pounds of candy off the streets!

    Jason and Brooke Johnson halloween Candy pick up

    6.) Brush, Floss, and Visit Dr. Frankel
    Don’t forget that it is important to brush twice a day for two minutes and floss daily. After eating candy, it is also a good idea to brush! Now is also a good time to remind your children the importance of good oral hygiene all while keeping it fun. Perhaps treat kids to a new toothbrush or have them try out the cool disclosing tablets that turn any areas where kids may have missed brushing red. Finally, visit Dr. Frankel. At Jon Frankel Dentistry we love kids and they love us! They get to watch cartoons while getting their teeth cleaning and get to pick a toy from our treasure chest!

    Like so many times in life, learning can be fun! Don’t take the fun out of Halloween this year, but look for good ways to help teach your kids how excess can lead to many problems!

  2. lilyrosecollagefb

    Connie, our beloved hygienist of the Frankel Dentistry family, welcomed her granddaughter Lily Rose into the world on July 7, 2013. This beautiful baby, however, has had quite the struggle. Born prematurely, Lily’s first day were spent in the neonatal ICU where she unexpectedly contracted Necrotizing Enterocolis (NEC), which is an infection that causes the destruction of the intestines. This is an extremely rare condition that only affects 1 in every 2000-4000 premature infants in the neonatal ICU.

    Unfortunately, Lily was not the only infant who contracted this virus while in the hospital. Two other preemie’s were also infected, and lost their battle with the disease. Lily, however, is a fighter. She battled through the infection and was released from the hospital two months after her birth on September 7, 2013.

    Young Lily’s battles are not completely over. Due to her premature birth, Lily must wear leg braces for most of the day. Though uncomfortable now, it is expected that Lily Rose will make a full recovery.

    We want to take a moment to congratulate Connie on the birth of her granddaughter and offer encouragement to Lily on fighting this battle.

    Connie and her family have decided to help Lily and her parents by raising money to help with some of the medical cost by selling cupcakes to their friends, family, co-workers, and churches.

    Don’t they look delicious?


    The aroma of the box once opened is mouthwatering. But the best part is once you bite into the cupcakes, a succulent chocolate filling oozes out of the cake.


    If you would like to order cupcakes to support young Lily Rose, or would like to make a donation to the family, please call our office at 419-474-9611.

  3. Since 2004 Suzie Miller and her family have been patients of Jon Frankel Dentistry. However, her beautiful smile has a major sweet tooth that inspired her and a friend to start a company called “Among Friends,” which specializes in hand-crafted baking mixes.


    Formed in 2006, “Among Friends” is not your average cookie company. These baking mixes are good for you but still have the amazing homemade taste of grandma’s delicacies. The idea began while having a cup of coffee and a cookie with a good friend. During that time, the pair noticed that people are not in the kitchen making nutritious food that is good for them. This problem worried the friends because their kids were growing older. Hence, Among Friends was formed in order to give people healthy baking options that they are proud of because they are pulling them out of their oven.


    Among Friends Hand-crafted Baking Mixes have a wide range of healthy cookies that are gluten-free and also free of genetically modified organisms. These baking mixes are also extra-special because they are named after people they love, be it a friend or family member. Since starting, the popularity of Among Friends has grown nationally.

    Among Friends - Product Shoot

    We, at Jon Frankel Dentistry, would like to congratulate Suzie on her accomplishment. If you are interested in Among Friends and their products, please visit their website at And don’t worry, Suzie’s sweet tooth and mouth is healthier than ever before!


  4. Even dedicated vegetarians are voting for the meat. Local Toledo Area Hollywood transplant and Jon Frankel Dentistry patient has apparently found the long lost meat. The lost resource was hidden by Snoop Dog’s baking skill. Baked is nearly synonymous with SD so it comes as no surprise.

    The question, “Where’s the meat?” is now obsolete. Enjoy Kate Upton, Snoop Dog and Oliver Cooper. Vote #TEAMMEAT and let Oliver Cooper’s discovery be known.

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