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  1. On January 15, 2010, Romel Joseph, a professional violinist, arrived at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida after being severely injured in the devastating Haiti earthquake. For more than 18 hours, Mr. Joseph was trapped under the rubble of his music school before being rescued. With both legs shattered and an arm broken in the earthquake, Mr. Joseph spent three months recovering in the hospital, with beliefs that he would never play the violin again.

    Romel’s life has been extremely difficult. Despite being blind since a young age, Mr. Joseph continues to work tirelessly for the children of Haiti through the gift of music.

    Recently, Mr. Joseph was in Toledo as part of the Friends of Music Education for Haiti fundraiser. While on the flight to Toledo, his filling fell out, causing him pain. His first visit to an American dental office was to Frankel Dentistry.

    We would like to share a brief excerpt from a very heart-warming letter we received by Romel’s friend, Cecilia Johnson, thanking us for the services we provided to Mr. Joseph. Being able to help people who are in need is  just one of the reasons we love what we do!

    Friends of Haiti

    I want to sent a huge ‘Thank You’ for helping my friend, Romel Joseph, who was in the area fundraising for his Haitian school and music program. Your willingness to take a look at him on such short notice and to provide him a temporary filling and an X-Ray to take home free of  charge was a gift that filled my heart beyond description.”

    Now fully recovered, the Julliard graduate is thankful to be able to play the violin once again. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of  Romel Joseph playing the violin.

  2. Alexa 1



    Your Health

    Crooked teeth are a challenge to keep clean. Problems with tooth brushing and flossing may lead to decay and gum disease. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.



    Your Attitude.

    The way your teeth bite together can cause a number of issues.  Jaw pain, headaches, even sinus complications have been related to dental occlusion. Chronic pain and a less than cheery mien are unfortunately often paired.  A lousy attitude might literally bite.



    Your Smile.

    A smile begets a smile. Hiding crooked teeth is sometimes just the beginning. Misaligned teeth often lead to receding gums and loss of tooth structure at the gum line, decreasing the likelihood of welcoming the world with a smile.

  3. About a year ago, Jim Hicks was referred to Frankel Dentistry by one of his good friends. Immediately, he felt at home. He believes that at Frankel Dentistry he receives that best care available in the greater Toledo area. He was most impressed with how the staff offers great patient education, ensuring that everyone understands the importance of a proper oral health.

    Originally from Detroit, Jim is a die heart Lions fan. He additionally enjoys playing golf and rooting for the University of Michigan.

    Jim is a father of twins, who are 16 years old. His daughter attends Notre Dame and his son attends St. John’s.


  4. At Frankel Dentistry, our patients continue to surprise us. Stephanie is no exception. She is a women who really does it all. Not only is she a director with Mary Kay, she also owns her own tanning company, Kahuna Tanning, and is an information technology director at AT&T.

    One of the things that really drew Stephanie to Frankel Dentistry is our state-of-the-art technology. But why hear it from us when you can watch her testimony here:

    We would love to know what you love about Frankel Dentistry too! Feel free to comment or share this blog with all your friends and family.

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