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    Thanks Dr. Frankel!

    Thanks Dr. Frankel!


    I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 2012 by the UTMC sleep clinic and a CPAP machine was recommended for the treatment of my severe condition.


    I struggled to find a Medical supply company that was not relocating or closing their doors every several months and even worse, trying to find a suitable breathing apparatus that I did not want to tear off in the middle of the night. That went on for 1 ½ years and then I simply stopped using CPAP because it kept waking me and disrupting my sleep. For over the past year I have been mot using any sleeping device other that trying “Breathe Right” strips, which had no effect, and sleeping very poorly. My snoring was so bad that my wife could not sleep in the same room and was affecting her sleep as well and was putting a strain on our marriage.


    While visiting my Primary Care Physician, Robert Axonovitz, he advised me to see a dentist specializing in a mouth piece that helps stop snoring.


    During the next regular visit to Jon Frankel Dentistry, I spoke with him regarding a mouth piece that he highly recommended and had a huge success from patient reviews and feedback.


    Since using the mouth guard treatment my sleep pattern has increased and my snoring has ended from the very first night! I actually enjoy wearing it each night.


    My wife and I now sleep together and we wake more rested. I thanked Doctor Frankel and his great staff for saving our marriage.


    I whole-heartedly recommend this product and an additional benefit of the mouth guard is that there will no longer be monthly expenses for the machine supplies.


    Gary Long

  2. Three Top Reasons


    Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

    Looking Great!

    Looking Great!

    Save supporting bone.

    Once a tooth is lost the supporting bone begins to melt away. Dental Implants not only replace missing teeth and allow one to chew well and speak clearly; they keep the jaw bone solid.

    Save face.

    Replacing missing teeth with dental implants keeps your smile youthful. Lost teeth can lead to sunken cheeks and down-turned smiles. Implants leave you smiling.

    Save time.

    Dental implants are a proven long term replacement for missing teeth. There is a 97 percent success rate. They are easy to maintain. You brush and floss an implant just as you would your natural teeth. Dental bridges replace missing teeth but are more of a challenge to keep clean and often need to be replaced after ten to twenty years.

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