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  1. How to be an Ideal Dental Patient

    Beyond Brush and Flossing

    Five Ways to Make Your Dentist Love You

    Skylar Rose2


    Take a Tour

    Frankel Dentistry Reception Area

    Check out your dental practice before you become a patient. Ask for a tour of the office. What’s the vibe? Picture yourself visiting twice a year. Is this a place you could call home?

    Look for clues. Smiling staff, happy patients, clean and fresh rooms and up to date equipment help define an office. Is the parking convenient? Are the hours convenient?

    If it feels right, schedule an appointment.


    Give it them straight, up front

    Give it to them staright, Frankl Dentistry

    Getting to know you is essential. Let your new dental home know why you left your previous dentist, what your initial concern is and any anxiety you anticipate.


    Ask for options

    Asking Dr. Frankel for options

    Ask for options and the advantage of one over another. Do not be afraid to ask. Only you know your hesitation or desire.

    Lend an ear



    Okay, let’s get real. Someone actually went to dental school and has a specialized education. Listen to what your dentist has to say. Dental Assistants, Expanded Function Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists also have a lot of training to guide you through your individualized care.

     By the way, they will listen as well. Let your dentist and dental staff know when you feel something. Tell them about discomfort. Share when the bite feels off or if an area is a challenge to floss.

    Make it a regular thing

    Regular Visits at Frankel Dentistry

    This is a serious relationship. Don’t be a stranger. Visit at least every six months. It is better to catch small issues before they become big problems. As you know, a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body

    Don’t stand up your dentist. You will be letting yourself down.

  2. Six Reasons to Love your Dentist

    Compressed Australian

    Save your Marriage


    You probably thought we were going to discuss halitosis. Yes, we can help you bring back your baby fresh breath. Causes may range from inadequate home care, gum disease, dry mouth to sinus infections, acid reflux, diabetes and liver and kidney problems. There are solutions to halitosis. But the smell of your breath isn’t being challenged here.

    It is snoring.

    You know that loud cacophony that keeps your spouse without sleep and ready to bolt. It is important to rule out sleep apnea and find the ideal solution. We offer a complimentary pulse-ox screening at Frankel Dentistry. If the screening finds you at risk, we or your family physician can order a sleep study. The solutions vary from oral appliances to use of a c-pap. The results are unanimous. Dozens of thankful spouses have let us know. Give it a rest. Check out the cause of your snoring.

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    Keep you Healthy


    You have probably heard a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Gum disease appears to contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, low birth weight in newborns, miscarriage and Alzheimer’s disease. Regularly scheduled dental visits help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

    You might not realize routine dental re-care visits include an oral cancer screening. Your dentist is also reviewing your medical history and checking for other health issues that can be detected early.It’s just another way your dentist keeps you smiling.


    Web Wendy

    Make you look good


    A beautiful, bright, healthy smile can be a life changer. We have seen hundreds of patients at Frankel Dentistry who have opted for teeth whitening, orthodontic or cosmetic treatment. Almost to a person, they mention they wish they would have sought treatment sooner.

    There is a look good, feel better factor. An open, inviting smile triggers pleasant looks and an involuntary “smile-back” response. Balanced teeth enhance natural features making the makeover notable but challenging to detect. Close friends and family compliment the change but are at a loss as to what is different. They often ask if hair color or style has been altered or if weight has been lost.

    Your dentist can bring you out of hiding allowing you to share your greatest gift, the real you.



     Show you the way


    The real reason you did not floss until you met the dentist of your dreams and his team is simple. You did it wrong and it did not help. Instructing you through the mysteries of personal dental hygiene is invaluable. Your dental team will show you proper flossing technique, how to find the ideal electric toothbrush, little brushes for between your teeth, and help you dive into oral water irrigation.

    Before you know it, these habits will bring you better breath, healthy gums and bright and shiny teeth. Looking forward to dental visits is inevitable when you are no longer confused regarding how to care for your teeth and gums and have a dentist you adore.



    Preserve your Interests


    Regularly scheduled preventative visits to your dentist allow you to take care of small issues before they become big problems. It safeguards your health as a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. In addition, your dental visits allow for detection of other health issues that might potentially go unnoticed.

    Re-care dental visits save you teeth, time and finances.

    Pamela Tip of the Day


    Nudge your Nerd


    You likely have noticed your dentist has gone techie. Cerec 3D crowns are designed in the computer, milled in the office and placed in your mouth on the same day. X-rays are digital. Before and after cosmetic digital photos show you your future smile. Short cone imaging allows the doctor to find the ideal spot for a dental implant and design a guide to assure optimal placement.

    Appointments can be scheduled online and confirmation received via email or text.

    IT is an integral component of dentistry. It just can’t get better!









  3. It’s Memorial Day weekend. The kickoff to summer. Kids are off of school and many of us plan our summer vacations. Here are a few tips to help with your packing before you travel.


    1.) Check-It! 

    It is time to get a 6 month check-up, get it before you travel to ensure that your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy and that you have a beautiful Frankel Smile in all those pictures that you take. Also, by getting your routine check-up you ensure that your mouth is healthy and that small problem are taken care of before they become big issues. It is also a great time to ask Dr. Frankel about how to avoid travelers breath or if you have any mouth sensitivity while traveling at a high altitude.


    2.) Pack- It!

    Don’t forget to pack your oral hygiene care. Your list should include: toothpaste, toothbrush (manual or electric- if electric don’t forget your charger), dental floss, mouth rinse, sugar free gum, plastic baggie (you don’t want your toothpaste exploding all over your clothes), disposable toothbrushes if you are traveling to a place where the water is not safe, and a toothbrush cap. **Special note about those caps- Yes, they protect your bristles, but they also breed bacteria. Be sure to take the cap off your toothbrush once you arrive at your destination.

    3.) Swish-It! 

    Caught somewhere without your toothbrush? Swish your mouth with water.


    4.) Share-It!

    Pack healthy snacks to share with your family while traveling. Bring fruits, veggies, nuts instead of candy bars and soda.

    5.) Know-It!

    Dental emergencies happen. Have a plan in case something occurs. Many times it is as simple as asking your hotel concierge for a recommendation in case of an emergency. This video is great for special tips in case of an emergency. Be sure to click it and watch!

  4. Thanks Mom

    As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, we will be reflecting on all those things we must thank mom for. But connected with each of those events is a smile!

    Here at Frankel Dentistry, we also need to thank mom for helping us with those smiles. Without her we would have less to smile about and perhaps less teeth to smile with.

    Be sure not to forget about these three things as you show gratefulness to your mom!

    1.) She makes you smile! From the time you were young she made funny faces and played games to get you to smile. Smiling is still a way of feeling good. Not only can a simple smile enhance your mood, but it can help others feel better as well. Be sure to smile this Mother’s Day- we are pretty sure there is plenty to smile about.

    2.) Who made sure you brushed your teeth before you went to bed? Who handed you floss each morning? Who was honest with you when you had bad breath or something in your teeth? That’s right, Mom! These childhood lessons have turned into adult habits that you too have (or will) pass on to your children. Be sure to thank mom for teaching you that a healthy mouth is part of a healthy body.

    3.) Don’t forget to thank her for keeping your schedule. Aside from running you to soccer practices, dance lessons, or school, mom also scheduled (and most likely took you) your appointments at Frankel Dentistry. Today many of our families continue to bring their next generation through the doors of Frankel Dentistry.

    So, Thanks MOM! Our smiles would not be the same without you!

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