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  1. Listen to your Mother

    Smile, Mother Earth!


    Earth Day is April 22. Did you know you can help protect the planet when you brush your teeth?

    Here are some “green” tips for your daily oral care routine:

    Tooth Brush

    1. Only run the water when you need to rinse.
    2. Recycle all plastic bottles such as your mouth wash
    3. If you use an electric toothbrush, recycle the batteries. If you charge your toothbrush it via an electrical  outlet, remember to unplug the charger after your toothbrush is charged.
    4. Reuse an old toothbrush for household cleaning. You can also purchase a recycle toothbrush!
    Dental Tool Shop

    Little by little we can all do a part to help preserve our planet – even in the bathroom!


    Frankel Dentistry is a fun place to work. The staff members sincerely enjoy each other’s company. Continued education includes personal growth opportunities such as the KOLBE index. Employees at Frankel Dentistry know how each other tick. Communication is improved and misunderstandings reduced.

    Walk in the office and you are sure to hear lots of laughter and be greeted within seconds. We asked this gracious group how Frankel Dentistry stood out from the crowd. Why is this Toledo Ohio Dental practice special? The answers are surprising.

    front of building

    We make our patients feel at home and comfortable.



    At Frankel Dentistry the patient comes first before anything else.



    Our office brings a fun, family feeling.



    Our talented staff have years of experience.



    We look forward to seeing our patients’ friendly faces.



    Our patient care is outstanding. Seriously, we all strive to make the feel comfortable and relaxed.



    We stand out from other dental offices and there is a reason, continued education and a focus on being ahead of the game.



    We genuinely care about your whole being.

    Mary Ann Joy

    I have years of experience in a variety of dental practices. I am continuously impressed by the striving for excellence in everything from caring for patient experience to the finest in clinical skills.



    It is our sincere compassion and caring.



    Our ability to address your dental issues in a friendly, warm environment sets up apart.

    Dr. H


    One obvious indicator of something very right is we were voted Best of Toledo for 6 years in a row.



    I have been here over 20 years.  Dentistry has changed but one thing remains a constant, we go above and beyond.



    We treat every patient as if they were our own family.



    We are the most fun and we love our patients.



    We love what we do and have a passion to be the best.



    This place has become my family. If that’s how we treat each other, we’ll do the same for you and yours.



    We are the best.



    We are not just the best; we keep striving to be better.










    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
    Get screened today!

    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month which includes cancer of the mouth, tongue, tonsil or throat. Risk factors for oral cancer include a long term use of tobacco and alcohol as well as exposure to the HPV-16 virus (human papilloma virus version 16) which is also responsible for a large majority of cervical cancers in women.


    Cancers of the mouth are the most preventable. Ways you can reduce your risk of oral cancer include:
    – Avoid tobacco in all forms.
    – Consume alcohol in moderation.
    – Practice safety in the sun by limiting your exposure and wear SPF
    – Remove your dentures every night and clean them daily
    – Visit your dentist for your routine exams and cleanings
    Frankel Dentistry (2)
    Most importantly, oral exams will help detect any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. At Frankel Dentistry, we provided oral cancer screenings with your exam. If you wear dentures, we are able to evaluate them to ensure they are in good condition.
    Heather and Tami
    Please help spread the word and help educate your family and friends about oral cancer this month.

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