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  1. Prepare your Smile for Summer


    Summer Smiles

    Dr. Frankel’s 5 Tips for Keeping your Smile Bright this Summer



    1. Favorite summertime foods and beverages unfortunately are packed with sugar. Sipping on water will not only keep you hydrated, but will help rinse the sugars out instead of sitting in your mouth. 



    2. School is out, so make sure to have your routine cleaning appointment booked while schedules are flexible!



    3. Pack your pool or beach bag with healthy snacks, such as, apples, grapes and watermelon and limit sugary foods like fruit gummies and juices. 



    4. In addition to your SPF lotion, use an SPF lip balm to keep your lips protected from sunburns.



    5. If you are playing a contact summer sport, make sure you wear a protective mouthguard. 

  2. Bright and Beautiful

     Bright and Beautiful


    Want to have a brighter smile? Try teeth whitening!

    Have an important event coming up or a new year’s resolution you’ve been putting off? 
    Whiter teeth will help brighten your smile and help improve your self esteem! 
    A Smile for all Occasions

    A Smile for all Occasions

    There are multiple products available to whiten your teeth, but professional teeth whitening at a dental office is the most ideal for the best outcome. In-Office Professional Teeth Whitening options offer immediacy. ZOOM is an in-office professional teeth whitening procedure. It is one single visit (during which the teeth are isolated and the gums and lips protected) including four separate, 20 minute, whitening sessions activated with a blue arch light. The whitening ends with a complimentary fluoride treatment. KOR Whitening is an advanced in-office and at-home whitening treatment which brightens even dark tetracycline stained teeth. Brown or dark grey teeth can be whitened with the KOR Whitening Technology.


    Keeping it Bright

           Keeping it Bright

    To help keep your teeth white year round, Dr. Frankel recommends: 

    1. Practice a good oral hygenine routine that includes brushing twice a day, flossing, using mouthwash and routine professional cleanings. 

    2. Brush or rinse your mouth immediately after consuming stain-causing beverages such as coffee, tea or red wine. 

    3. If you do consume beverages that may stain your teeth, use a straw. 

    4. Avoid or stop smoking

    5. Practice a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy and avoiding sugary foods and drinks.

    Dental Tool Shop

    All new patients receive free whitening. Custom-made Whitening Trays for at-home use and Professional Strength Whitening Gel are FREE for all new patients (in the absence of dental disease) at Jon Frankel Dentistry. This individualized system allows whitening to the shade desired and continued maintenance of the new bright smile.
    Call our office today to make an appointment.



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