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  1. Dr. Shannon Hill Keiser

    Dr. Shannon Keiser

    Midwestern Values


    Moving to the Midwest, one notices the casual, laid-back friendliness and honesty. Dr. Shannon Keiser is Nebraska born, Michigan raised. She moved to Ohio following the completion of her doctorate at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. She is thoroughly Midwestern and we couldn’t be happier to have her at Frankel Dentistry.


    It won’t surprise you, Dr. Keiser loves spending quality time with family. She was married in 2015. Her family is expanding with the arrival of baby Owen in September 2016. Along with a love for family, she enjoys to learn new technologies, while exploring new and innovative ideas and advancements. Once again, Dr. Keiser is obviously a perfect addition to Frankel Dentistry. We share the same values.


    Dr. Keiser always knew she wanted to be a dentist and thoroughly enjoys helping people. Thirteen years prior to dental school she held positions as a dental assistant, a dental assistant consultant and in dental research.


    Living a faith based life we know Dr. Keiser will soon realize; she is already home at Frankel Dentistry.

  2. Achoo! 
    How Allergies can Affect your Dental Health
    Frankel Tissue Two
    Allergy season is upon us and along with a running nose, sneezing and watery eyes, allergies can affect your teeth and mouth:
    • A well known allergy symptoms is sinus pain; the maxillary sinuses are actually located near our upper molars which can cause pain in our teeth.

    Frankel Tissue One

    • It’s important to drink water to help alleviate a dry mouth which can be another allergy symptom.

    Frankel Tissue Three

    • Allergy suffers may also experience a sore throat which is caused by a postnasal drip. A sore throat may cause bad breath, so it’s important to follow your oral care routine.

    Frankel Tissue Four

    It’s important to listen to your body. Not sure if you have a dental infection or allergy symptoms? Call our office to set up an appointment to be sure.

  3. Frankel Dentistry in Toledo, Ohio has news. He’s Back!

    Dr. DiTerilizzi

    Jason DiTerlizzi, D.D.S.

    Local is better.

    Frankel Dentistry welcomes back Jason DiTerlizzi. You may remember him as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist.  He has been on a 4 year hiatus. He was busy studying dentistry at the University of Michigan Dental School where he excelled not only in clinical skills but in his chair side manner as well.  We couldn’t be happier to have him back.

    Deeply rooted in Toledo, Dr. D’s family members are small business owners. For over 60 years they have owned and operated Pasquale and Sons Shoe Repair. While at Frankel Dentistry, which was founded in 1946, it was obvious he is a standout in building relationships and giving back to his community.

    It didn’t take long to realize dentistry is more than a career, it is his passion. Specifically, he enjoys patients.  He values caring for their dental health while promoting overall health. Also, he likes getting to know them personally and as part of a dental family. He enjoys caring for hesitant and anxious patients. Dr. D’s patients don’t remain anxious long. Before they know it they are looking forward to visits.

    By the way, it is obvious staff love Dr. DiTerlizzi. In 2013 he married hygienist, scheduling and financial coordinator Patti Begin’s beautiful daughter Brittany. Dr. and Mrs. D look forward to starting a family soon. Baby D will surely be an avid Toledo and Detroit sports fan.

    Welcome Dr. DiTerlizzi back. He is living proof; You’ll do Better in Toledo!

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