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  1. Guards = Better Sleep and Stronger Teeth 

    Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and not feeling rested? Does your jaw feel tight and sore as if you were chomping on bubble gum all night? Teeth grinding can happen at all hours of the day, but if you are unaware you are grinding a night guard can help.
    Dr. Frankel urges patients to be evaluated for a night guard because:
    • Night guards can help protect your teeth from tooth damage including chipped teeth, damage to fillings and excessive wear of the teeth.
    • A custom fit night guard, made by your dentist, can guarantee perfect fit, so you can sleep and not be bothered by the guard in your mouth.
    • Night guards can help ease facial muscle pain due to the strain in your jaw from grinding.
    • Night guards can help reduce headaches and neck pain.
    • It’s important to obtain a healthy night of sleep to maintain a healthy mouth and body.
    If you feel you grind your teeth during the day, stop and try to be aware of when you do it. Touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth can help relax your jaw muscles.
    Preserve your teeth not only when you brush them – call our office to get a consultation to discuss how a night guard can help you!>

  2. Growing Pain or Toothache

    Has your child ever complained that their tooth hurt? We all know that children go through growing phases but sometime it it may be hard to tell the difference in growing pain and a real toothache — cavity on the rise.

    Dr. Frankel offers these steps to tell the difference:

    • Open wide…check inside their mouth to see if they have food stuck and need help flossing.
    • Teething? Molars can be painful – give your child some pain reliever to see if that helps.
    • Rinse with warm salt water and apply a cold compress to help with swelling/inflammation.
    • Stay away from sticky foods and drink plenty of water.
    • Schedule six month recare dental visits to spot small issues before they become problems.

    If your child is still complaining or having difficulty eating, call our office to get an immediate appointment!


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