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  1. Toledo, Ohio dental practice, Frankel Dentistry, have been Changing Loves a Smile at a Time since 1946. Voted Best of Toledo for 8 consecutive years by the reader’s of The City Paper, this dental practice loves what they do. Their always better attitude is focused on offering the best dental experience.

    Patients become dental family. It is not surprising to have third and even fourth generation patients. The doctors and staff at both the Toledo and Maumee location are accessible, professional and feel caring their dental family is a privilege. They are grateful to care for your smile.

    Spring is the season for cleaning. Check out these tips from Frankel Dentistry.

    Spring Cleaning for Your Health

    Spring is here and it’s a great time to clean out your house. Rainy day? Perfect time to get some extra cleaning down before the weather gets nice. Make a list and prioritize what you want to accomplish as your health should always be at the top of the list!
    Here are some suggested areas to clean that can affect your health:
    1) Toothbrush – when is the last time you replaced yours? It’s recommend to replace our toothbrush at least every 2 months and more often if sick.
    2) Bathroom – wipe down and disinfect anything and everything in your bathroom – this includes toothbrush holders and medicine cabinets that may touch your oral hygiene  products .
    3) Food pantry – is your pantry and fridge stocked with healthy snacks? Now is a good time to go through any old expired items or items you wish to trade in for healthier alternatives.
    4) Carpets – winter can track some much dirt and dust and really affect your health if you have allergies. 
    5) Dusting – clean under the bed, top of the bookshelves, picture frames and any place where dust can collect.
    Your total health affects the health of your mouth, so make sure to keep both in the best shape.

  2. 10476985_1074327825917205_3489002017129638702_n

    In an age when marriages seem to have a past due date, it is refreshing and inspiring to know that love can last. Today,  Frankel Dentistry’s founding father, Dr. Sheldon Frankel, and his wife, Ervine, celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary.

    Married on this date in 1944 in Toledo, their four children, Karen Kearns, Barbara  Frankel- Wexler, Rabbi Jerry Frankel, and Dr. Jon Frankel are a testament to a beautiful union.

    After seven decades of marriage, Ervine references her handsome husband and his once full head of beautiful red hair to which he replies, “I love you, Ervine.” Of course she responds, “I love you too, Shelly.”

    The Frankel Dentistry team would like to congratulate Dr. Sheldon and Ervine on this milestone. Thank you for being an inspiration to many. Happy Anniversary!

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