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  1. Dads Almost Do It All!

    Years back, television sit-coms reflected Pops as sole bread winners. They wore suits and ties. You never saw them cooking in the kitchen or cleaning house. They might don an apron when helping with the dishes after a special meal like Thanksgiving dinner. Dads only did Dad-things like read the paper and carve the roast. Things have changed.

    Today’s fathers cook, clean, babysit, change diapers, and grocery shop. They nearly do it all! There is one thing they avoid. According to the call center at Frankel Dentistry, oddly enough, Dads do not schedule dental appointments. The dental appointment scheduling specialists in this mid-western office report wives, girlfriends and mothers seem to be in charge of dental health. It is curious but let’s keep our fathers healthy. Call and make them a dental appointment!

    Father’s Day is around the corner. We can keep our “more valuable than ever” Dads healthier by getting them back to the dentist. Dental health promotes overall health. It is especially important during this challenging time to optimize health.

    Teeth whitening, teeth straightening, or other elective procedures might sweeten the pot for Pop on his big day. If you have a Dad in need of a dentist. Make him smile. Call a dentist and schedule an appointment for him.

    Frankel Dentistry has been voted Best Dentist by the readers of Toledo City Paper for the last 10 years. For a preview of what to expect. Check out the video of long time employee Kenyetta below.

  2. Father’s Day is Sunday! It’s time to celebrate our fathers for all of the support and love.

    At Frankel Dentistry, we also honor dads. On Monday, June 16th, we will be giving fathers a free car wash coupon to Minute Man Carwash on Monroe Street, across the street from the Franklin Park Mall.

    Being Father’s Day, we decided to take this time to honor our Founding Father, Dr. Sheldon Frankel. Below are 10 facts about Dr. Sheldon that you may not know.


    1.) Dr. Sheldon Frankel grew up playing stickball on the streets of New York.

    2.) After  WWII, Sheldon Frankel graduated from the Ohio State University,  moved to Toledo and opened Frankel Dentistry on Michigan Ave. in downtown.

    3.)  Sheldon Frankel and his wife, Ervine, have been happily married for over 70 years.


    4.) Sheldon and Irvine  have four children: Jerry, Barbara, Karen, and Jon.

    Karen 5

    5.) Dr. Sheldon Frankel loved to use advanced dental technology. In fact, he was the first dentist in Toledo to use an electric hand-piece and place dental implants.

    6.) Following in their father’s footsteps, Dr. Jon Frankel also graduated from the Ohio State University and joined in father’s practice in 1992. His daughter, Karen is a hygienist at Frankel Dentistry.

    7.) Dr. Sheldon is not only a dentist but a teacher. In fact, his lessons extend past dentistry. He often taught the neighborhood children how to swim and play tennis.

    8.)  A master of his skill, Dr. Sheldon Frankel’s dental work has been recognized as some of the finest seen by leading doctors at Tuff’s University and in Santa Barbara.

    9.) He is a grandfather to 18 children/young adults who affectionately call him “Papa Red” because was a redhead.

    Dr. Sheldon Frankel

    Dr. Sheldon Frankel

    10.) Riding a scooter to work, Dr. Sheldon was an environmentalist before it was cool to go “green.”





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