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  1. Don’t be Nervous! 
    Toledo Dentist Can Help With Your Anxiety 

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    Has it been a while since you’ve made an appointment to the dentist because you are too nervous to sit in the chair? You are not alone. Good oral hygiene is very important to your overall health and cannot be something that is skipped. We want to help you!

              Jon Frankel, DDS

    Dr. Frankel’s Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety


    1) Bring a friend or family member to your appointment – this will give you comfort and keep you distracted.

                                  Bring a Friend

    2) Indulge in your favorite TV show or song to keep you distracted – our office is equipped with TVs for your entertainment.

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    3) Talk to us! You can schedule a free consultation to talk to the dentist and team about your fears.
    We can discuss what may or may not be appropriate for you including sedatives, numbing agents and prescriptions.

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  2. Dr. Frankel often states, “A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.” If only the sugar lobbyists would have listened to him 50 years ago.

    Jon Frankel, DDS

    Jon Frankel, DDS

    Early this month researchers from the University of California, San Francisco uncovered documents from the 1960’s that describe how the sugar-industry successfully persuaded government health authorities from completing studies that might categorize food by their cavity promoting characteristics, which might have lead to people consuming less sugar.

    In the 1960’s the National Institute of Dental Research declared that it was going to accelerate its research efforts to find a way to end cavity formation by: 1.) Stopping sugar-related, cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to and damaging teeth, 2.) Determining the most effective way of including fluoride in the fight against cavities,  3.) Figuring out a way to get people to modify their diet to reduce cavities.

    Today changing our diets is a hot topic mainly because of high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease all of which is related to our sugar consumption. However, in the 1960’s these problems were not yet of national concern. Fast forward 50 years and the American society consumes nearly 25% more sugar and tooth decay is an epidemic that affects billions of people world wide.

    So, now the question arises, how do we eliminate sugar from our diet?

    Here are 6 quick tips brought to you by Dr. Frankel.

    1.) Sugar has aliases- get to know them! Some of the most felons include: high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, fructose, glucose, Lactose, molasses. Also know the names of common artificial sweeteners: splenda and aspartame. For a full list of common names, click here:

    2.) Once you know the names, look for them on the back of your labels. If one of those labels has a sugar listed toward the top, you know it is one of the main ingredients. PUT IT DOWN!

    3.) But don’t give up sugar cold turkey. This is very difficult. Instead slowly eliminate your consumption of sugar, which will lead to more lasting results.

    4.) Substitute your sugar with natural flavors. Try cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, or citrus zest.

    5.) Eliminate all sugary sodas and juices.

    6.) Stick with it! Consistency is key to lasting results both in the dental chair and for your overall health.

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  3. 291798_567350323281627_1254471716_n

    If thinking of the dentist sends chills to your bones, know that you are not alone. Dental fear and anxiety is a common phobia among Americans. Dr. Frankel has put together 4 tips to help you overcome your dental anxiety.

    1.) Schedule a Consultation

    Meeting with Dr. Frankel, another doctor, or a hygienist without his or her surgical mask on will help build a more trusting relationship and help ease the anxiety of visiting the dentist.


    2.) Ask Questions

    When it comes to your dental health and well being, no question should go unanswered. Knowing the answers to your questions will take away much of the fear you have about certain procedures and allow you to feel more comfortable in the chair.

    3.) Bring a Family Member Who Will Help You Relax

    No one wants to do something that makes them afraid alone. Having someone near that you trust goes along way when conquering your fears. If you can’t bring someone with you, try listening to music or mediating while in the chair. This may help you lose focus on what you are anxious about.

    4.) Ask for sedation.

    Don’t forget, a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Taking care of your small dental problems now will decrease your risk of more complicated issues in the future and help eliminate your phobia. At your next appointment, let us know if there is anything we can do to specially care for your dental needs.

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