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  1. Honor Flight Participant

    Honor Flight Participant

    Thank you, Veterans.

    The feeling one gets when thinking about our Veterans fills the heart. The thought of keeping others safe while putting oneself at risk boggles the mind when kindling emotion. There are no words to explain the depth of selfless will and strength our Veterans possess.

    Thank you , Veterans.

    The appreciation one holds for Veterans has no description. What value might one place on personal safety? Gratitude has been lauded as a key to clarity. It is clear our Veterans deserve more than our appreciation. Their service warrants honor and respect. They own an unfailing dignity.

    Thank you, Veterans.

    All Veterans receive a 20% discount off the patient responsibility (co-pay) for all preventative and needed restorative treatment the entire month of November at Frankel Dentistry, Toledo and Maumee.

    Thank you, Veterans.

    Veteran’s Day