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  1. Toledo City Paper BOT 2017

    Thanks to the Best Patients in Ohio, Frankel Dentistry has been voted Best of Toledo by the readers of City Paper for 8 consecutive years.

    Grateful to have served the Toledo Area through Dentistry since 1946 our passion is to Serve All. Dentistry has changed a lot since the 1940s and so have we. Always Better, we embrace technology and consider our patients dental family.

    It is a privilege to be Changing Lives, a Smile at a Time by offering The Best Dental Experience.


    Jonathan Frankel, D.D.S.
    Frankel Dentistry

    5012 Talmadge Rd. | 419-474-9611
    4358 Keystone Dr. | Maumee
    419-893-0221 |


    What’s your philosophy for practicing medicine/healing?
    I continue to build on the foundation set by my father, Sheldon Frankel by setting the standard for dental care.
    How did you select your specialty?
    My father, uncle and cousins are general dentists. It may be genetic. I love what I do.
    What medical advancement have made, or will make, the biggest impact in your field?
    There are so many in the 71 years Frankel Dentistry has been caring for Toledo area patients. I think same day dental crowns, dental implants and porcelain veneers are incredible advances in dentistry.
    What do you wish your patients would do differently?
    Brush and floss twice daily and come for regular dental visits. Then we can take care of small issues before they become big problems. Also, call in advance to reschedule.
    When you’re the patient, what’s the most important thing you look for in another health care provider?
    I need a time-conscious provider. My patients don’t wait. I respect their time.
    What summer fruits and vegetables are you most excited for?
    Great question, I eat apples year round but I enjoy grapes in the summer. My Dad used to grow grapes.
    How do you deal with stress?
    I work out and practice yoga.
    Never, ever… Skip a dental appointment. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.
    Laughter is medicine. What’s your favorite health care provider joke?
    It is an old standard but my Dad used to say, “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.”
    What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve ever heard from a patient?
    I often hear a patient say they wish they had completed their treatment sooner or they can smile for the first time. It just doesn’t get better than that.
    The world would be a better place if…
    We treated each other like family.
    What life lesson did you learn from your parents?
    Never boast or complain. Do your best.
    No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get the knack of…
    Car repair.
    When do you feel invincible?
    When I have the love of my family.

  3. Frankel Dentistry Spring Smiles


    Spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming and the trees are budding. You can keep your windows open, but that means you need to start your spring cleaning to get rid of the dust and debris from the winter season. To keep your home clean and healthy, it takes work. Did you know your medicine cabinet needs a good spring cleaning too?

    Jonathan Frankel, D.D.S.

    Dr. Frankel Shares Spring Cleaning Tips

    • Get a new toothbrush! Leave those winter germs behind and make sure to start off the season with a clean, fresh toothbrush.
    • Clean out and disinfect your medicine cabinet and bathroom — anywhere your toothbrush and oral hygiene products are stored.
    • Schedule a cleaning with your dentist! It is best to have your teeth cleaned twice a year.


                     Toledo, Ohio


    Spring is a great time of the year to get re-motivated! Check your new year’s resolution list —  have you met any of your goals? Spring is also a great time to get out and be active! A healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand — enjoy the weather, eat healthy snacks and don’t forget to brush and floss!

  4. To Know Us Is To Love Us

    Toledo’s Frankel Dentistry was established in 1945. Frankel Dentistry offers the latest in proven technology in a beautiful, relaxed environment.

    It isn’t unusual for dental professionals to have been part of the Frankel Dental Family for 10, 20 even 30 years.

    According to Economic News Release from the U.S Bureaus of Statistics on September 22, 2016:

    “The median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer was 4.2 years in January 2016, down from 4.6 years in January 2014…” 



    What keeps the Frankel Dental Family Staff for decades while the national longevity at a workplace is declining?



    Zach… Camaraderie

    Brittany… Getting to know the patients

    Lisa… Being able to help people

    Olivia… Coworkers, getting to know patients, I love Dental Hygiene

    Dr. H… Because of Dr. Frankel

    Jess… My patients

    Jennifer… Teamwork

    Pamela… Continuing Education and Ongoing Training

    Courtney… I love my fellow employees

    Ashley… The opportunity to help people

    Vickie… Friendly, helpful work environment

    K.D… I like working with people especially patients

    Mary Ann… I like how we care about our patients’ overall health and well being, not just their teeth

  5. Jonathan Frankel, D.D.S. Toledo, Ohio

    Jonathan Frankel, D.D.S.
    Toledo, Ohio

    Toledo Dentist offers three easy ways to take care of small issues before they become big problems.

    front of building

    1. Visit your dentist at least twice a year.

    Preventative care is the cornerstone in building a healthy mouth. If it has been awhile since you have been to the dentist, schedule an appointment. Work out a treatment plan with your dental professionals. Once dental health has been restored, visit twice a year. Keep your smile healthy!

    2. Use your insurance benefits.

    Don’t let time pass when it comes to dental health. Schedule your dental appointments early in the year. Often dental office schedules are filled toward the end of the year.

    3. Floss and brush.

    What you do at home is as important as the best professional dental care.

  6. Dr. Shannon Hill Keiser

    Dr. Shannon Keiser

    Midwestern Values


    Moving to the Midwest, one notices the casual, laid-back friendliness and honesty. Dr. Shannon Keiser is Nebraska born, Michigan raised. She moved to Ohio following the completion of her doctorate at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. She is thoroughly Midwestern and we couldn’t be happier to have her at Frankel Dentistry.


    It won’t surprise you, Dr. Keiser loves spending quality time with family. She was married in 2015. Her family is expanding with the arrival of baby Owen in September 2016. Along with a love for family, she enjoys to learn new technologies, while exploring new and innovative ideas and advancements. Once again, Dr. Keiser is obviously a perfect addition to Frankel Dentistry. We share the same values.


    Dr. Keiser always knew she wanted to be a dentist and thoroughly enjoys helping people. Thirteen years prior to dental school she held positions as a dental assistant, a dental assistant consultant and in dental research.


    Living a faith based life we know Dr. Keiser will soon realize; she is already home at Frankel Dentistry.

  7. Frankel Dentistry in Toledo, Ohio has news. He’s Back!

    Dr. DiTerilizzi

    Jason DiTerlizzi, D.D.S.

    Local is better.

    Frankel Dentistry welcomes back Jason DiTerlizzi. You may remember him as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant and Dental Hygienist.  He has been on a 4 year hiatus. He was busy studying dentistry at the University of Michigan Dental School where he excelled not only in clinical skills but in his chair side manner as well.  We couldn’t be happier to have him back.

    Deeply rooted in Toledo, Dr. D’s family members are small business owners. For over 60 years they have owned and operated Pasquale and Sons Shoe Repair. While at Frankel Dentistry, which was founded in 1946, it was obvious he is a standout in building relationships and giving back to his community.

    It didn’t take long to realize dentistry is more than a career, it is his passion. Specifically, he enjoys patients.  He values caring for their dental health while promoting overall health. Also, he likes getting to know them personally and as part of a dental family. He enjoys caring for hesitant and anxious patients. Dr. D’s patients don’t remain anxious long. Before they know it they are looking forward to visits.

    By the way, it is obvious staff love Dr. DiTerlizzi. In 2013 he married hygienist, scheduling and financial coordinator Patti Begin’s beautiful daughter Brittany. Dr. and Mrs. D look forward to starting a family soon. Baby D will surely be an avid Toledo and Detroit sports fan.

    Welcome Dr. DiTerlizzi back. He is living proof; You’ll do Better in Toledo!



    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
    Get screened today!

    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month which includes cancer of the mouth, tongue, tonsil or throat. Risk factors for oral cancer include a long term use of tobacco and alcohol as well as exposure to the HPV-16 virus (human papilloma virus version 16) which is also responsible for a large majority of cervical cancers in women.


    Cancers of the mouth are the most preventable. Ways you can reduce your risk of oral cancer include:
    – Avoid tobacco in all forms.
    – Consume alcohol in moderation.
    – Practice safety in the sun by limiting your exposure and wear SPF
    – Remove your dentures every night and clean them daily
    – Visit your dentist for your routine exams and cleanings
    Frankel Dentistry (2)
    Most importantly, oral exams will help detect any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. At Frankel Dentistry, we provided oral cancer screenings with your exam. If you wear dentures, we are able to evaluate them to ensure they are in good condition.
    Heather and Tami
    Please help spread the word and help educate your family and friends about oral cancer this month.

  9. To Know Us Is To Love Us

    To Know Us Is To Love Us


    We get loads of comments on how well we all get along at Frankel Dentistry. There is often laughter and always an abundance of smiles. We know how to communicate with each other. There is a reason why, training, lots and lots of training. One excellent tool is the KOLBE Index.

    Dr. Jon Frankel  Dental Staff Toledo, Ohio

    Dr. Jon Frankel
    Dental Staff
    Toledo, Ohio

    Each person has their individual way of solving problems. This unique approach of responding to the world is hard wired and unchanging. Knowing how each another operates in the world leads to communicating in the most effective manner.

    Kolbe Index Display Frankel Dentistry

    Kolbe Index Display
    Frankel Dentistry

    Speaking to someone in the way they listen is gratifying to both parties. Understanding how one categorizes the information heard is an essential element of collaboration. Respecting one’s reaction to risk and uncertainty leads to completion of the task at hand without frustration. Appreciation of the difference between one who leans toward a concrete, tactile model and another who needs to envision via abstract concept leads to the best of both worlds.

  10. Age is one factor that we can’t fight, although we really, really try. Truth be told, with all the other age defying tricks out there to help keep our youthful appearance, our smiles should not be one that we neglect.

    Here are 5 areas where teeth can tell our age.Grand Lubell 024


    • Tooth decay. Yes, we warn our children and grandchildren about too much sugar and cavities. But just because we are older doesn’t mean we are immune to tooth decay. It is important to still brush for two minutes twice a day, floss daily, and visit Dr. Frankel for an exam every six months. A clean, healthy, white smile is also a nice trick to help keep you looking young and vibrant.

    Grand Lubell 008

    • Dry mouth. As we age and are prescribed different medications, we may start to experience dry mouth. Saliva is important part of protecting our teeth from decay, therefore, a dry mouth could be detrimental toward our oral health. Make sure you are staying properly hydrated, and sip and swish water whenever you notice your mouth may be dry.

    Grand Lubell 019

    • Too crowding. Pre-teens are not the only ones who experience tooth crowding. As we age our teeth move and shift. This may cause our teeth to crowd. Crowded teeth give bacteria many places to hide, where our tooth brushes and floss may not reach effectively. This breeding ground for bacteria may lead to tooth decay or worse, gum disease.

    SGL_2398 - Copy

    • Gum disease. Gingivitis and periodontal disease effect nearly half of American adults, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease, which left untreated can affect the gum tissue and lead to tooth loss. The Frankel Dentistry team has a practicing Periodontist on staff, who will be able to treat patients with gum disease. Although gum disease cannot be reversed, there are plenty of ways to manage it, keeping your gums and teeth healthy.


    • Oral Cancer. 43,000 Americans are diagnosed each year with oral cancer and nearly 8,000 will die from it (Oral Cancer Foundation). It is best to catch oral cancer in the earliest stages. While at Frankel Dentistry we will do a comprehensive exam, including an oral cancer screening, which will help ensure that your mouth is healthy and cancer free.


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