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  1. Don’t be Nervous! 
    Toledo Dentist Can Help With Your Anxiety 

    First Visit and She’s Loving the Dentist



    Children love visiting Frankel Dentistry. We want you to as well.


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    Take a deep breath!

    Has it been a while since you’ve made an appointment to the dentist because you are too nervous to sit in the chair? You are not alone. Good oral hygiene is very important to your overall health and cannot be something that is skipped. We want to help you!

              Jon Frankel, DDS

    Dr. Frankel’s Tips for Managing Dental Anxiety


    1) Bring a friend or family member to your appointment – this will give you comfort and keep you distracted.

                                  Bring a Friend

    2) Indulge in your favorite TV show or song to keep you distracted – our office is equipped with TVs for your entertainment.

                You Select the Channel

    3) Talk to us! You can schedule a free consultation to talk to the dentist and team about your fears.
    We can discuss what may or may not be appropriate for you including sedatives, numbing agents and prescriptions.

    Schedule a Complimentary Consultation



  2. What keeps people from going to the dentist?

    We have found that fear, time, no sense of urgency and budget are roadblocks for seeing your dentist.

    What do you do at Frankel Dentistry to address a fearful patient?

    Offering complimentary consultation and tours as well as listening to our patients keeps even the most hesitant patient coming on a regular basis.

    What about time? We are all busy.

    Dr. Frankel decided while still a dental student his patients would not wait. We also see emergencies the same day.

    Why go to the dentist? My teeth feel fine.

    A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Dental disease is often silent. Diabetes, heart disease and stroke are associated with your oral health. New studies indicate many types of cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease show a link to oral health.

    How much will it cost?

    We offer a complimentary benefits estimate of dental insurance as well as Care Credit payment options including interest free.


    Dental Anxiety

    Am I the only one?

    Dental Anxiety

    You are not alone.

    Often people think they are alone in their hesitation to visit the dentist. As many as one in three have some form of dental anxiety.



    What causes fear of the dentist?

    There can be many different causes. It might be embarrassment, a bad experience or hearing about someone else’s experience.

    Dr. Jon Frankel Dental Staff Toledo, Ohio

    Will my feelings toward the dentist ever change?

    We have found many of even our most anxious patients, after a series of visits at Frankel Dentistry begin to enjoy their visits.


    What can I do about my dental anxiety?

    Visit a dental office. Take a tour. Meet the staff. Dentistry has changed a lot in recent years. There are medications the dentist can prescribe to ease the tension or using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during your visit often helps. For severe dental anxiety we have a dental anesthesiologist who allows you to basically sleep through your visit.

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