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  1. Preventive Visits Cover Issues Like Sleep Apnea

    Oral sleep appliances and snore guards are life savers for many. What is the difference? How do I know if I or my loved ones need either?

    Are you tired? Do you fall asleep anytime your sit down for more than a minute or two? Do you snore or gasp for air at night? There is one way to know if you are suffering breathing difficulties when you sleep. Have a professional sleep study. There are markers such as tooth wear, snoring, or gasping for air while asleep but the most accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea is through a sleep study.

    Proper Sleep Enhances Your Mood and Smile

    Your doctor can prescribe a sleep study. Once you have a diagnosis you will rest easy. If you do have sleep apnea you may chose to use a C-PAP machine. If you have mild sleep apnea or are non-compliant with your C-PAP you may be a candidate for an oral sleep appliance. This is an oral device that repositions the jaw and opens the airway.

    Snoring has ended relationships. Many people have found relief with a snore guard. It is different but like an oral sleep appliance.

    Please ask you dentist for more information and wake up bright and fresh.

  2. Zzzzzzz Don’t Hit Snooze on This!
    What you Need to Know about Snore Guards and Sleep Apnea

    Do you snore? Does your partner or family member snore?  Often times, people become irritated and bothered when someone’s snoring wakes them up but did you know there may be an underlining medical disorder?

    Sleep apnea is a serious condition that should not be ignored. When someone has sleep apnea, they stop breathing for short periods throughout the night.

    Did you know your dentist can provide relief?

    Sleep apnea patients may opt for a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP) machine that is worn at night. There is another solution that your dentist can treat you with — of you not only snore but are not getting enough oxygen you can be fitted for an oral appliance that opens the airway. Oral appliances and snore guards are similar to night guards but reposition your tongue and lower jaw. This realignment clears your obstructed airway and allows you to breath regularly while you sleep.

    You owe it to yourself and your family to get a better nights sleep — sleep is critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Thanks Dr. Frankel!

    Thanks Dr. Frankel!


    I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 2012 by the UTMC sleep clinic and a CPAP machine was recommended for the treatment of my severe condition.


    I struggled to find a Medical supply company that was not relocating or closing their doors every several months and even worse, trying to find a suitable breathing apparatus that I did not want to tear off in the middle of the night. That went on for 1 ½ years and then I simply stopped using CPAP because it kept waking me and disrupting my sleep. For over the past year I have been mot using any sleeping device other that trying “Breathe Right” strips, which had no effect, and sleeping very poorly. My snoring was so bad that my wife could not sleep in the same room and was affecting her sleep as well and was putting a strain on our marriage.


    While visiting my Primary Care Physician, Robert Axonovitz, he advised me to see a dentist specializing in a mouth piece that helps stop snoring.


    During the next regular visit to Jon Frankel Dentistry, I spoke with him regarding a mouth piece that he highly recommended and had a huge success from patient reviews and feedback.


    Since using the mouth guard treatment my sleep pattern has increased and my snoring has ended from the very first night! I actually enjoy wearing it each night.


    My wife and I now sleep together and we wake more rested. I thanked Doctor Frankel and his great staff for saving our marriage.


    I whole-heartedly recommend this product and an additional benefit of the mouth guard is that there will no longer be monthly expenses for the machine supplies.


    Gary Long




    Jon Frankel, Amber Puhl and their  Staff appreciate their dental patients. Today at  both the Toledo and Maumee locations each patient is receiving a complimentary coupon for an Expresso Car Wash!





    What Patients Want

    Many patients dread the thought of going to their dentist, then being referred out to another office.  Jonathan Frankel, DDS does most procedures “in-house”.

    • Dr. Frankel listens to what his patients want.
    • Dental patients want to stay at one office for their dental needs.
    • Cosmetic needs such as Veneers and Invisalign (invisible orthodontia), tooth replacement such as dental implants, bridges and partial or full dentures, same day restorations and crowns are all done at the same office.

    The office of Dr. Frankel is truly your dental home providing all the dental care you want.

    Dental Fear

    Many people hesitate to go to the dentist even though they know it is important.

    • Dental and oral health are directly related to over-all health.
    • Heart disease, stroke and diabetes are directly correlated to the health of your mouth.

    Patients of Dr. Frankel actually enjoy going to the dentist. Recently a new patient asked, “Is it look forward to going to the dentist?”   Keep healthy and have fun with Dr. Frankel… go to a dentist you can’t wait to see.

    High Tech Scan

    • “One of the things that amazes me when I visit Dr. Frankel is the advanced technology.” anonymous patient
    • Committed to utilizing the latest advances in dentistry Dr. Frankel is one of the only dentists in the area with a high tech scan
    • The high tech scan takes 220 images which integrate to show an accurate image of the head and neck area.

    Patients of Dr. Frankel can see missing teeth ideally replaced in a virtual image before treatment begins. Be the future… at the office of Dr. Frankel.

    Free Whitening

    • Graduations, weddings and summer vacations are a few of the many reasons to smile.
    • Teeth whitening systems brighten your smile and keep your teeth white.
    • Dr. Frankel and Dr. Puhl offer free whitening to all their new patients.

    “Thank you Dr. Frankel.  Keep smiling Toledo…you’ve got Dr. Frankel.” anonymous patient


    Each room at Dr. Frankel’s has a TV for patients to watch.

    • Recent information reveal there are great reasons to watch TV.
    • Just three quick reasons

    …Laughing makes you live longer…Learning new ideas or skills maybe even  just a new recipe keeps your mind alert…Relaxation and stress reduction not only make you live longer but enjoy a better quality life…

    “One of my favorite places to watch TV… at the office of my friends Dr. Frankel and Dr.Puhl.” Marie

    Snore Guard

    • Twenty-five percent of the people in the U.S. snore.
    • Sleep deprivation can be an issue when a family member snores.
    • Often Dr. Frankel can prevent snoring with a simple device called a snore guard.

    Call Dr. Frankel for a complimentary snore guard consultation 419-474-9611.  (It is usually the wife who calls.)