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  1. April is National Facial Protection Month


    Spring sports season is here and what better time to get your athlete the proper facial protection they need for their contact sports. Football players are not the only ones who need to wear sports guards. Basketball, lacrosse, baseball, field hockey, soccer are all sports in which the American Dental Association recommends athletes wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth.

    Frankel Dentistry is proud to make custom mouth guards for their patients. Guards are recommended to be worn not only during competitions/games but also at practices. Guards should fit properly and be durable. It is also important to clean your guard regularly.

    If your athlete does have a sports injury involving their mouth, don’t hesitate to call us 24/7. Our patients are our family and we want to provide the best dental care especially in an emergency.

  2. Spring Sports Guards



    You wouldn’t play football without a helmet right? Of course not, the referees wouldn’t even let you take the field! It ridiculous to think of a soccer player without shin guards, or a hockey player without pads. We don’t even question the reasons why this protective gear is necessary – so why do we question or ignore the need to wear a mouth guard?


    According to the Academy for Sports Dentistry, anyone participating in a contact or collision sport will benefit from a properly fitted and properly worn mouth guard. Also, individual competitors that are at risk, such as skateboarders, snowboarders, and other similar activities should always wear a mouth guard! This Spring Season, ensure you are protected with a sports guard from Frankel Dentistry.

    Picture this: You’ve led your team to state, the fans and media are rushing the field to congratulate you and in every photo you have a massive chipped tooth from that defender that plowed you in the first quarter. GROSS. While that may be a badge of honor, wouldn’t you rather show off your big, beautiful, pearly white smile to remember the moment forever? If you had been wearing a proper sports guard, that chipped tooth may have been avoided!


    Celebrate the win with a grin – not a grimace!