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  1. Back to school season is finally here! Frankel Dentistry wants to help your little ones start the year with a healthy, happy smile. Taking care of your smile goes beyond just cleaning your teeth and regular dental visits, it’s important to watch what you’re putting into your body! 

    Here are some healthy back to school snacks to help promote dental health!

    • Apples, Celery, and Carrots! Did you know crunchy fruit and vegetables can help clean your teeth by removing plaque from the enamel? Not only do they clean your teeth but also provide you with vitamins and minerals to support your body.

              Some of our favorite classic snacks include apple slices or celery with peanut butter. Carrots and other crunchy vegetables always pair great with hummus.

    • Milk, cheese, and yogurt. Dairy products are a great source of calcium, which helps repair enamel and strengthen bones which support your teeth. Cheese and yogurt are also rich in vitamin D and phosphate which create lower acid levels and reduce the risk of tooth decay.
    • Nuts and seeds! Almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds and more are a great source of healthy fats, vitamin D, folic acid and not to mention one of the best sources of protein. 
    • Thinking about what to drink? Water.

              Encourage your little ones to drink more water daily! Water helps hydrate your organs and muscle, balance pH levels in the mouth, and increase saliva production which means less tooth decay and stronger tooth enamel.


  2. Your oral health care needs change as you get older. When children become teenagers, they face different issues than when they were younger. By the teenage years, a teen has lost all of his/her “baby” teeth and the adult teeth have made their stay.

    In addition to going through puberty, teens also face some oral health changes:

    1) Braces – everyone wants a smile that is full of straight teeth. Braces may be a good option for teens to explore.

    2) Bothersome wisdom teeth – these teeth or “third molars” can be an issue as teens get older. They may cause pain and need to be removed.

    3) Bad Breath – changes in your oral health routine may make a difference – including brushing with an electric toothbrush, flossing daily and adding a mouth wash. Tonsils made need to be checked as well.




    The best advice you can give your teen is to adhere to a strong oral health routine and to make sure they attend their regular cleanings. Teenage years are one to smile and laugh a lot, so teens should never feel embarrassed or ashamed of their teeth. Our office is here to discuss all of your options, so you can be proud of your smile.


  3. I still say, ‘Shoot for the moon; you might get there.’

    Buzz Aldrin


    The last night’s snow moon reflects the sun just like your smile mirrors your overall health. The new moon is a great time to reflect and make choices toward health.

    Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

    Why are Dr. Frankel and his staff always saying “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body?” 7 quick facts that explain why maintaining good oral health is essential to achieving great overall health.

    Oral health and overall health are not mutually exclusive, in fact, they are inextricably connected. WOW! That’s a lot of big words, but basically what we are saying is if you let the health of your teeth and gums decline, you are setting yourself up to get really, really sick.

    Dr. Frankel with Patient

    Routine cleanings, flossing, sealants and fluoride may seem like a hassle, but in reality

    they are saving you from dangerous conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

    1.) Gum Disease causes halitosis, better known as “knock-you-over bad breath.”

    2.) 2x. Seeing double? Patients with gum disease are twice as likely to develop heart


    3.) 3x. Triple what? Patients with gum disease have an increased risk of stroke triple that

    of those patients without gum disease.

    4.) 4x – the average increased cost of one restorative dental procedure as compared to a

    regular checkup appointment.

    5.) The number of primary things you need to do to maintain your healthy mouth:

     Brush 2x daily

     Floss 1x daily

     Visit 2x yearly

     Avoid tobacco products

     Eat a well-balanced diet

    6.) 62% – The percentage of increased risk, according to Harvard researchers, for

    patients with gum disease to develop pancreatic and kidney cancers.

    7.) 7x. Women with gum disease are seven times more likely to deliver premature or

    underweight babies.

    It is so important to keep a healthy mouth in order to promote a healthy body! Don’t let

    fear, cost, or time be a factor to keep you away. Dr. Frankel says, “I care about people’s

    smiles and firmly believe that with a great smile, you can improve your appearance, self

    confidence, and your life.” You can schedule a free consultation today.

  4. Thanks Mom

    As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, we will be reflecting on all those things we must thank mom for. But connected with each of those events is a smile!

    Here at Frankel Dentistry, we also need to thank mom for helping us with those smiles. Without her we would have less to smile about and perhaps less teeth to smile with.

    Be sure not to forget about these three things as you show gratefulness to your mom!

    1.) She makes you smile! From the time you were young she made funny faces and played games to get you to smile. Smiling is still a way of feeling good. Not only can a simple smile enhance your mood, but it can help others feel better as well. Be sure to smile this Mother’s Day- we are pretty sure there is plenty to smile about.

    2.) Who made sure you brushed your teeth before you went to bed? Who handed you floss each morning? Who was honest with you when you had bad breath or something in your teeth? That’s right, Mom! These childhood lessons have turned into adult habits that you too have (or will) pass on to your children. Be sure to thank mom for teaching you that a healthy mouth is part of a healthy body.

    3.) Don’t forget to thank her for keeping your schedule. Aside from running you to soccer practices, dance lessons, or school, mom also scheduled (and most likely took you) your appointments at Frankel Dentistry. Today many of our families continue to bring their next generation through the doors of Frankel Dentistry.

    So, Thanks MOM! Our smiles would not be the same without you!

  5. FullSizeRender(24)


    A Cafe Mocha to start your morning. A cookie as a mid morning pick-me-up. Lunch. A piece of candy from the bowl on your desk. Another coffee loaded with cream and sugar to get you through the 3 o’clock hour. Dinner. A late night snack.

    Yes, too many of us know that routine. But did you know that frequency of when you eat and drink play a larger role in your oral health and the formation of cavities? Sugary foods in particular change the pH levels in our mouths. When we eat or drink, the bacteria in our mouths use the sugar as fuel and produce acid as a waste product. This acid is hazardous to our teeth and can start eating away at tooth enamel in as few as five minutes.

    The problem actually gets more complicated. It takes 20 minutes for the saliva in your mouth to fight the acid and return the pH levels to normal. This means that that Cafe Mocha you have been sipping on all morning or that piece of hard candy you have been sucking on all afternoon is constantly feeding the bacteria, causing more acid to sit on your teeth, leading to decay.  YIKES!

    But Dr. Frankel has just the tip for you. Rinse with “high quality H2O.” Water helps your body produce saliva. Saliva naturally helps protect teeth and keeps your mouth the acids more neutral (or pH balanced). A balanced mouth is a less than favorable place for bacteria to grow and multiply. Why? Without getting into all the basic chemistry of it, water is neutral on the pH scale. Swishing water in your mouth for 30 seconds and spitting it out allows your body to get rid of nearly 30% of mouth bacteria, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.


    Don’t only swish with water, DRINK IT TOO.  For a healthy body, it is recommended that we drink at least 64 oz of water a day. These amount also goes into the formation of saliva. A dry mouth is a place where acid and cavity-causing bacteria flourish, causing not only tooth decay but bad breath. Therefore, be sure that you are drinking enough water daily to keep your pearly whites strong and your entire body healthy. A healthy mouth really does promote a healthy body!


  6. Three Reasons You Avoid the Dentist


    What to do

    Web Wendy

    You know you need to see the dentist. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Dental pain not only can lead to serious health issues but it hampers your personal and professional life.


    What to do?

    Read on.

    You will be showing off your pearly whites before you know it.


    Jon Frankel, DDS

    Jon Frankel, DDS


     Just the thought of a dentist gives you the Heebie-jeebies.


    Schedule a tour. Dentistry has come a long way.  Small, cramped spaces have been replaced with a spa like ambiance and caring dental professionals. Seeing is believing. If they are not open for a complimentary tour, it’s not the office for you.


    Jennifer Perez


    Keeping up with your insurance coverage drives you bats.


    Find an office that offers complimentary benefit checks and treatment plan option appointments. Understanding your dental needs and working out an individualized plan is a vital step toward achieving and maintaining oral health. Offices that explore your coverage for you are excellent dental health partners.



     It been so long even when you schedule you find a reason to flake out.


    Look for reviews online or ask friends and family about their dental provider. The old “scold and lecture” model is out-dated. Find an office that listens to what you want and co-creates a plan to achieve the smile you deserve.


  7. At Frankel Dentistry, we are honored that people have voted us the Best of Toledo for 4 straight years.  In order to make it 5 straight, we need your help! Please take a moment and head on over to and fill out a ballot.

    Don’t hesitate to vote for your favorite area hot spots or service providers as well! These great spots need recognized too!

    We appreciate your help and being the best patients in Toledo— no, the world! Be sure to Vote TODAY before voting ends! FullSizeRender

  8. Bailie1

    Anyone who has visited our office since the expansion has seen this beautiful photo hanging on the wall. Bailie is currently a student at Miami University of Ohio, where she is studying marketing with hopes of pursuing a career in pharmaceutical and medical sales.

    But Bailie has a more interesting story. During her senior year of high school, Bailie traveled to LA to compete in a national dance competition. While there, she noticed that the LA Laker Girls were holding open auditions. Bailie decided that this was her calling and, surprisingly, she made the team. After her high school graduation, Bailie moved to LA and performed at the LA Laker games throughout the 2010-2011 season. While living in LA, Bailie also had the opportunity to dance in a Panic at the Disco music video.

    Bailie has been a patient of Frankel Dentistry her entire life. Her father and Dr. Frankel went to high school together. Today, being in school, Bailie is sure to get her dental check-ups in when she is home on break.

  9. lilyrosecollagefb

    Connie, our beloved hygienist of the Frankel Dentistry family, welcomed her granddaughter Lily Rose into the world on July 7, 2013. This beautiful baby, however, has had quite the struggle. Born prematurely, Lily’s first day were spent in the neonatal ICU where she unexpectedly contracted Necrotizing Enterocolis (NEC), which is an infection that causes the destruction of the intestines. This is an extremely rare condition that only affects 1 in every 2000-4000 premature infants in the neonatal ICU.

    Unfortunately, Lily was not the only infant who contracted this virus while in the hospital. Two other preemie’s were also infected, and lost their battle with the disease. Lily, however, is a fighter. She battled through the infection and was released from the hospital two months after her birth on September 7, 2013.

    Young Lily’s battles are not completely over. Due to her premature birth, Lily must wear leg braces for most of the day. Though uncomfortable now, it is expected that Lily Rose will make a full recovery.

    We want to take a moment to congratulate Connie on the birth of her granddaughter and offer encouragement to Lily on fighting this battle.

    Connie and her family have decided to help Lily and her parents by raising money to help with some of the medical cost by selling cupcakes to their friends, family, co-workers, and churches.

    Don’t they look delicious?


    The aroma of the box once opened is mouthwatering. But the best part is once you bite into the cupcakes, a succulent chocolate filling oozes out of the cake.


    If you would like to order cupcakes to support young Lily Rose, or would like to make a donation to the family, please call our office at 419-474-9611.

  10. SGL_3037R-resized

    Cheala’s photos are already a big hit at Jon Frankel Dentistry, and with a smile like her’s, it is easy to see why.

    But Cheala is not your average model. This young beauty is a vegetarian and enjoys spending her time camping and hiking outdoors or playing field hockey and lacrosse.

    Born in Massachusetts, Cheala moved to Toledo to be with her mother, Mary Ann, who works at our Toledo office. Although she really misses her friends in Massachusetts, Cheala stays busy with school and work. Currently, she attends Mercy College and works in the maternity ward at St. Anne’s Hospital.

    However, Cheala also loves her new dental family. “Dr. Shumate took out my wisdom teeth, and turned a frightening experience into one where I was relaxed and comfortable,” she said. More importantly, she really appreciates the fact that Dr. Frankel and his staff are all very organized, friendly, clean and extremely accommodating to patients. “Dr. Shumate even called me the next day to make sure I was alright,” she said. “It is great to have that kind of care!”