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Wednesday Evening, April 6,  the entire staff from Jon Frankel Dentistry’s Talmadge Road location could be found at The Toledo Dental Society. You might have heard the laughter as this is a fun loving group. (They made the training a catered affair with a hot buffet and all the fixings to create fresh tacos!) The focus was on adherence to the latest CPR Guidelines. Stephen Shall, DDS lead the updated American Red Cross Training.

The American Heart Association changes in CPR took effect on April 1st. The emphasis is on “Quality Compressions: at correct depth with full recoil and at a rate of 100 beats per minute”.

  • The shift is from A-B-C (airway-breathing-circulation) to C-A-B.Compressions are initiated within 10 seconds at a depth of 2 inches. The 30:2 cycles remain but begin with compressions
  • “Hands Only” CPR for laypersons means compressions alone at a rate of 100 bpm.Look-listen-feel” has been eliminated regarding airway and breathing.
  • “Look-listen-feel” has been eliminated regarding airway and breathing.

Enhancing the early response is integral to updated protocol.  The AHA included other changes and points. This might be an excellent year to re-certify even if well within the two year renewal window.

American Heart Association Rocket Science CPR Guideline Update

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