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Curious about Cosmetic Options regarding your Smile?

Mick Jagger had an emerald chip put in the middle of his upper right incisor, but people thought it was spinach. He changed it to a ruby until he got tired of people discussing the drop of blood on his tooth. Jagger finally settled on a diamond. (Mr. Jagger could have enjoyed a digital preview of his enhancements had he visited Dr. Jonathan Frankel.) Dr. Frankel offers complimentary cosmetic imaging creating a digital image of various smile options.

White Spots on Teeth

White spots on teeth have a variety of causes including nutrition, oral hygiene, tooth development, genetics and are often seen after braces are removed. Often the cause is decalcified enamel which may lead to decay.

Dr. Frankel offers MI Paste a professional dental product. Many of his patients have enjoyed a reversal in the white spots on their teeth. MI paste is also helpful for patients with sensitive teeth and those suffering from dry mouth syndrome.

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