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Forget those moments of mystery, sitting in a dental chair, (often times holding the arms of the chair and your breath) as your Dentist studies the little rectangular films in varied tones of black on a lighted viewing box.

You aren’t still taking photos with an old Brownie Camera are you? (Those fuzzy imaged black and whites with a scalloped edge that took weeks to develop.) Why should you expect less of your dentist?  Digital radiographs or x-rays can be seen chairside (on a computer screen as soon taken) with a resolution so high even you can diagnose decay!

Dental Digital Radiographs have been around for over a decade. There are several advantages to Dental Digital Radiography.

  • See images immediately
  • Enhance images for clarity
  • Store images indefinitely
  • Eliminate developing solution and film developers
  • Communicate with other dentists, specialists, family members
  • Use less radiation
  • Prevent loss or damage of images
  • Ease of use

Jon Frankel Dentistry uses Digital Dental Radiography. It is faster, safer and enhances images for a clear, concise and green approach toward optimal Dental and Oral Health.

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