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One often overhears or reads testimonials on the beauty and talent of accomplished gospel singer, Sheri LaFontaine. She can be heard on the radio (WPOS FM 102.3) or  be found online at

“If I may coin a phrase Vince Gill used when describing the awesome vocals of Martina McBride and apply it to Sheri LaFontaine, “God came down and smacked her vocal chords!” What a voice this young lady has! I have been a fan of her songwriting for a while now, as she has had some great songs recorded by LordSong, Kim Hopper, Hoskins Family, Ruppes and others. I have heard her with the Arnolds via their recordings, but hearing her on this solo recording literally blows me away. Again I say, what a voice! She has an infectious charisma that you can’t help but enjoy. It’s like you can see her smiling the whole time she is singing and before long, she’ll have you smiling and breaking into song right along with her.”

“One of the most captivating voices I’ve heard and a great heart to go along with all that talent! It has been my privilege to work with Sheri many times. She always leaves me wanting to hear more!”
Sheri Easter (Jeff and Sheri Easter)

“I would step out on a limb and say, Sheri has one of the best female voices out there today. The last concert I did with her also allowed me to see her heart for ministry! We need more of this type of commitment!”
Ivan Parker

“When you mention the name Sheri LaFontaine, the first thing I think of is, her wonderful smile that lights up any room or anyone whom she comes in contact with. God has blessed Sheri with incredible gifts. She is second to none when it comes to writing a lyric or masterfully singing a song. I’m glad that I can call her a friend!”
Scotty Inman (Triumphant Quartet)

“When I hear the name ‘Sheri LaFontaine’, I automatically think of one of the sweetest ladies I have ever had the privilege to meet. This sweetness flows through to her beautiful vocals and has captured hearts all over! Her voice is not only sweet, but powerful as well. She has the gift of communicating the lyrics with feeling and sincerity. God is definitely smiling on this ministry.” – Brooklyn Collingworth (The Collingsworth Family)

Sheri has a testimonial for her dentist!

“Today was my first visit to Dr. Frankel’s Office. I had seen the ads of TV and on the billboards allover town. My brother had produced a jingle for them and that’s where I had first heard the name. I expected it to be a big, crowded and impersonal place. I certainly did not expect to meet the famous Frankel DDS himself. To my surprise it was just the opposite. All the staff  were very friendly, polite and professional. I felt like a guest in the home of my host, Dr. Frankel. I’m hooked. Love it!” –Sheri LaFontaine

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