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The Halloween Candy Buy-Back is an annual event at Jon Frankel Dentistry.

Children receive one dollar for each pound of candy donated. The candy is sent to local Toledo Area Troops overseas.

This year many children donated candy but refused payment. They wanted to send their candy to our Troops. The compassion was palpable. Halloween took on a new meaning, caring.

Where did the candy go?

Follow the candy-trail evidenced in a series of recent notes.

Note from Toledo Mother of Marine overseas:

I wanted to share with Dr. Frankel and his staff a message that I just received from the coordinator of our care package project. I will be coming in to your office again in a few minutes to pick up another 60 pounds of candy. We will be packing Christmas boxes on Monday, December 5, so this additional supply of candy will be added to those care packages. Thanks again to Dr. Frankel and his staff for contributing to our boxes!

Note from care package coordinator:

I received this email from a dear friend over the Thanksgiving weekend. My college friend (who has been a Chaplain in the Army for 20+ years) has a husband in the Army Corps of Engineers who has recently been deployed to Afghanistan for a year. She received a phone call from her husband Friday morning (11/25) with the following comments. It’s directed to our great group of parents who care so much…and yes, that Halloween candy helped! It’s nice to know the packages made it so quickly! Our biggest box was almost 12 lbs., per the Post Office.

Thanks to Dr. Frankel’s office for their generosity!

Note from my friend:

“My husband called me this morning to ask, “who’d you give my name to that would send me a care package?” He was so touched by your kindness and that of your group. I could hear it in his voice—that someone/group would care about his service. He’s already shared the candy which allowed him to meet a bunch of people! He loved the idea of a thanksgiving meal, too! He hasn’t gone thru the other things yet but he was pretty excited. But the thing that stood out was how touched he was by the thoughtfulness and kindness.

So, thanks for ministering to my husband and subsequently to me. I know that this gift will do far more than just the physical…the warmth will linger for a long time!”

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