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Start Young

We have found that each child is different. Parents know best when their child will enjoy a first dental visit. The age ranges from 2 to 4 years old. Early quick health checks may begin as young as 9 months to 1 year but the best first visit experience is when the child feels part of the process.

Brush and Floss your Children’s Teeth Daily

As soon as a tooth peaks through the gum tissue it should be kept clean. Some parents find using gauze or a baby wash cloth the easiest way to keep an infant’s teeth clean. Brushing and flossing your child’s teeth at least twice daily is a lifelong gift. It establishes a healthy habit. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.

Watch DVDs and Read Books about Visiting the Dentist

The local library offers books and DVDs on visiting the dentist. Familiarizing your child with what to expect helps create trust. Often our “well-read” children walk in as if they have visited the dentist for years!

Watch What You Say

Don’t let your past mar your child’s future. Stories about dental visits heard by someone with no context can give the wrong impression about dental care. Stop friends and family mid-story if necessary. Counter with a pleasant experience or refer to the books you and your child have read or videos you watched together about visiting the dentist.

Watch Your Words

Children do not need to be brave. Dental visits are fun no courage is required. If you mention the doctor won’t hurt you. They will only hear and feel the word, hurt. Words like pull, shot and drill send the wrong message. Dental staff use remove for pull, make numb or put to sleep for shot, dental hand-piece instead of drill.

Today’s dental visits are fun and rewarding. Our young patients watch television
throughout their visit. We have been told that our after visit toy chest can’t be beat!

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