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Dr.Sheldon Frankel and Ervine Frankel celebrating their 69th Wedding Anniversary

Six Tips from the Staff at Jon Frankel Dentistry
for the
Perfect Smile on your Wedding Day

Schedule a Comprehensive Exam and X-rays.
A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Swollen gums and decay are not only unsightly they challenge overall health. The first step toward a perfect wedding smile is a thorough check-up.

Follow up with necessary Dental Treatment.
Teeth cleaning on a regular schedule at least every six months and restoration of decayed and broken teeth are important toward dental, oral and overall health. It is a proactive way to ward off wedding day dental emergencies

Remove Wisdom Teeth.
Third molars or wisdom teeth are often misaligned or stuck behind functioning molars. Difficult to clean they are a source of decay and gum infection. There is generally just not enough room to accommodate wisdom teeth. It is common for wisdom teeth to flair up during times of stress and intense activity. Keep your special day stress and discomfort free. Have your wisdom teeth extracted months or years before your wedding.

Get it Straight.

There are a variety of ways to straighten teeth including Invisalign, Traditional Orthodontics, Bonding or Cosmetic Veneers. Scheduling a Cosmetic Consultation with an experienced Dentist or Dental Specialist well in advance of your wedding will allow time to consider the options and create your personal plan to design the perfect smile for your wedding.

Hate the Shape.
Chipped, Stained and misshaped teeth can be beautifully transformed in just two weeks with Porcelain Veneers. Schedule a cosmetic consultation with an experienced dentist. Ask for a cosmetic imaging to view your new smile before treatment begins. Although the process takes just two weeks schedule in advance to allow for basic dental preventative care especially if it has been a while since your last visit.

Make it White.

Whiter teeth are lovely and perfect for your wedding day. There are a variety of teeth whitening systems. At home whitening, in-office whitening such as BriteSmile or Zoom and for deeply stained teeth KOR Whitening a system that encompasses both at home and in office procedures. Schedule a cosmetic consultation and ask for a before and after imaging of your “Wedding White” smile.

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