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• Show the way!
Baby teeth are essential guideposts for permanent teeth. Misaligned permanent teeth can be caused by losing a primary or baby tooth too early. Holding the space with a fixed appliance can help. Retaining the baby tooth as the permanent tooth develops underneath allows the primary tooth root to melt away and is ideal.

• Not So White!
Baby Teeth are composed differently than the permanent adult teeth. They appear whiter and brighter. Permanent Teeth erupt with thicker levels of underlying dentin. They are naturally a tad darker. If your child notices assure her/him it is of no concern.

• All Grown Up!

Losing a baby tooth can be a big deal. Each child has a unique response. Some will hold on to that barely attached tooth for as long as they possibly can. Others will wiggle and tug at the remaining shell of a tooth until it is successfully set free. For all it is an opportunity for autonomy and a reminder of home care for the newly erupted Adult Teeth. It is a new and serious responsibility. A life long beautiful and healthy smile requires regular visits to the dentist and daily home care.

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