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Hygienist Karen Kearns flossing Christina's teeth.

Five Top Floss Tips

Dental Floss properly used remains the best way to remove the bacterial plaque from in-between teeth. Water irrigation or air floss is fine for debris or food lodged between teeth. The sticky bio-film that causes decay and gum disease is most efficiently removed with dental floss.

Use un-waxed thin floss that frays.

Covers more tooth surface.
Will not leave a wax residue.

Floss between the gum and the tooth.

Pull tight against the tooth.
Scrap up and down.

Remove floss stuck between the teeth with waxed floss or dental tape.

Tie a knot in the floss or tape.
Pull floss or tape out through the side once it is between.

Floss at least once a day.

Remember the more you floss the easier it becomes.

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