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Dr. Jon Frankel  Dental Staff Toledo, Ohio

Dr. Jon Frankel
Dental Staff
Toledo, Ohio

Six Top Tips Dental Emergencies

#1 Do Not WAIT!

At least several times a day you can hear Dr. Frankel state, “I like to take care of small issues before they become big problems”. Occasionally dental emergencies come unannounced but often there were tell tale signs. Anytime you sense something is just not quite right, schedule a dental visit. Dental disease can be silent but often the patient senses something is off. Go with your instincts. Check it out.

#2 Prevent

Regularly scheduled preventative care reduces emergencies dramatically. X-rays can detect decay, bone loss, fractures, infection, erupting or impacted teeth and many other potential issues. Clinical evaluations expose tissue anomalies, bite problems and offer a through evaluations of areas overlooked at home like under the tongue. A few tips from your dental team can prevent a life-time of discomfort and dental disease. It is remarkable the difference made by proper home care!

#3 Manage Your Mouth

Treating decay and gum issues early can ward off emergencies. Small cavities quickly move into the inside workings of the tooth. Once decay reaches the inner soft pulp the infection can grow quickly. The infection can break through the bone surrounding the tooth forming a small pimple on the gum tissue. Dental abscesses can be really painful, just slightly annoying or not noticeable at all. Left untreated they can cause overall health issues. Untreated gum disease can also form abscesses and loss of supporting bone. Treating dental issues early promotes dental and overall health.

#4 Pre-Plan

Complete necessary dental treatment before business or leisure travel or going away to school. The stresses of travel and study take a toll on the immune system and frequently what was a small issue, flairs up into a big problem.

#5 Accidents Happen

Accidents do happen. There are still a few helpful tips. If a perfectly healthy tooth is knocked out, place it in milk or slightly salty water. If it can be repositioned, place it back into the mouth. Go immediately to a dentist or emergency room. When involved in sports activities wear a Sports Guard. Schedule an appointment to check any injury out. X-rays detect problems and early treatment is always better,

#6 Know your Dentist

Dr. Frankel gives all his patients his personal cell phone number. When an emergency arises, he is available. Your oral and dental health is his first concern.

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