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Jon Frankel Dentistry Reveals Culture
True Toledo
(Part One)

Places come and go elsewhere but “Toledo Tough” supports what it loves.

The Top Ten Places we go.
The Top Ten Places we know.

Toledo Museum of Art (in T-Town for 112 years)
Jeep (in T-Town for 71 years)
The Toledo Zoo (in T-Town for 113 years)
Libbey Glass (in T-town for 125 years)
The Glass Bowl (in Town for 77 years)
Mancy’s Steaks (in T-Town for 92 years)
The Anderson’s (in T-Town for 66 years)
Tony Packos (in T-Town for 81 years)
Schmucker’s (in T-Town for 65 years)
Frankel Dentistry (in Town for 68 years)

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