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End your Relationship Every Couple Months

 Toothbrushes lose their efficacy after two to three months. Worn, splayed bristles just aren’t up to the job.

 Spend Time Together at Least Two Minutes Twice a Day

 Brush at least twice a day for a full two minutes. Anything less leaves bacterial plague and food particles.

 Keep it Clean

 Check out where your brush has been hanging out. Keep your tooth brush rinsed and allow it to dry. Tossed in a cluttered drawer or stored near air born nastiness may bring foreign bacteria into your mouth.

 Bring in a Professional

 Visit your dentist and dental hygienist at least twice a year. They will evaluate your teeth and suggest techniques to perfect your brushing. Don’t be surprised if you develop a bad habit. Your dental professionals will gently bring back your optimal tooth brushing style.

 Get back-up

 Sonic and electric tooth brushes bring it on! Manual brushing is terrific but using technology may give you an edge toward brushing properly.

Bring in the Floss

 Tooth brushing can not go alone. Bring in another partner. Many dental professionals even suggest you floss first.

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