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Those nasty cold and flu bugs are in full force right now, and the last thing you are probably thinking about is your teeth. But your oral health can still be affected by your overall health. First of all, don’t skip your normal brushing and flossing routine just because you are under the weather, and keep in mind a few helpful tips!

1.) Drink Your Water

To avoid cavities, Dr. Frankel always stresses the importance of drinking water after your eat. Water increases your saliva flow, which helps fight the bad bacteria that causes cavities. But when you have a cold, a stuffy nose causes most people to breath through their mouth, causing the mouth to become more dry than normal. A dry mouth will allow to keep the bad bacteria in your mouth, possibly creating a cavity.

2.) Brush to Get Medications Off Your Teeth

Most people think that sucking on cough drops all day long will make you feel better. But actually, you are doing damage to your teeth. Most cough drops are loaded with sugar. Just like a hard candy, having a cough drop sit in your mouth could lead to a cavity. Dr. Frankel’s suggestion would be to make sure you are brushing frequently when you are using cough drops to control your cold and flu symptoms.

3.) Replace Your Toothbrush

Many people don’t think about it, but after each illness it is important to change out the toothbrush. When storing your toothbrush keep it in a place where it can dry completely. During the time, be sure not to share a toothbrush (or any utensils) with others in order not to transfer the germs and virus. Finally, washing your hands several times throughout the day will also aid in not passing your illness on to others.

These are just a few, helpful tips from Dr. Frankel to ensure your oral health stays healthy while you are fighting off those nasty colds and flu.

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