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Five Clues Your Dentist is a Good Communicator.

Dr. Frankel is always available.

Dr. Frankel is always available.

Clue # 1

 It is after hours, you not only have a question, your tooth is killing you. You need answers or minimally reassurance. If your dentist has given you his personal cell phone number and told you to call if you have concerns, it is clear as a bell he or she is an ace communicator.

Text message or e-mail reminders on request.

Text message or e-mail       reminders  on request.

 Clue # 2

 You know you scheduled your six month dental check-up appointment and they gave you a card but when exactly is your appointment? Crack communicators send out reminder text messages, emails and call you personally.  Busy lives and over-scheduled agendas make six months seem like a life time.  A caring dental family keeps you informed.

Dental Treatment Options

Dental Treatment Options

 Clue # 3

 You meet with your dentist. They read off numbers and look at strange black and white skeletal versions of your teeth and supporting tissue. More numbers and letters are discussed. It is a weird dental code. You wonder, what is going on? A commendable communicator will explain the gibberish and offer a complimentary consultation where you can set back relax and review what’s up dentally.  Scheduling a complimentary consultation keep you in the know.

Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary Consultation

Clue # 4

 Great communicators realize not everyone receives information the same way. You might catch each word without missing a detail.  Others may prefer a video, print-out or to see a model of what is going on. Videos with dental information, brochures explaining treatment or even personal photos of your teeth are an indication your dentist not just cares, he wants you to understand your options.

Financial Options

Financial Options

Clue # 5

 Sharp dental practices help you navigate the wilds of dental insurance benefits. An insurance coordinator reviews your coverage. Your dental family lets you know your responsibility before treatment. A financial manager is available to answer coverage questions. You are offered payment options and know the treatment priorities. You work together to attain and maintain dental health.


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