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Six Reasons to Love your Dentist

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Save your Marriage


You probably thought we were going to discuss halitosis. Yes, we can help you bring back your baby fresh breath. Causes may range from inadequate home care, gum disease, dry mouth to sinus infections, acid reflux, diabetes and liver and kidney problems. There are solutions to halitosis. But the smell of your breath isn’t being challenged here.

It is snoring.

You know that loud cacophony that keeps your spouse without sleep and ready to bolt. It is important to rule out sleep apnea and find the ideal solution. We offer a complimentary pulse-ox screening at Frankel Dentistry. If the screening finds you at risk, we or your family physician can order a sleep study. The solutions vary from oral appliances to use of a c-pap. The results are unanimous. Dozens of thankful spouses have let us know. Give it a rest. Check out the cause of your snoring.

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Keep you Healthy


You have probably heard a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Gum disease appears to contribute to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, low birth weight in newborns, miscarriage and Alzheimer’s disease. Regularly scheduled dental visits help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

You might not realize routine dental re-care visits include an oral cancer screening. Your dentist is also reviewing your medical history and checking for other health issues that can be detected early.It’s just another way your dentist keeps you smiling.


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Make you look good


A beautiful, bright, healthy smile can be a life changer. We have seen hundreds of patients at Frankel Dentistry who have opted for teeth whitening, orthodontic or cosmetic treatment. Almost to a person, they mention they wish they would have sought treatment sooner.

There is a look good, feel better factor. An open, inviting smile triggers pleasant looks and an involuntary “smile-back” response. Balanced teeth enhance natural features making the makeover notable but challenging to detect. Close friends and family compliment the change but are at a loss as to what is different. They often ask if hair color or style has been altered or if weight has been lost.

Your dentist can bring you out of hiding allowing you to share your greatest gift, the real you.



 Show you the way


The real reason you did not floss until you met the dentist of your dreams and his team is simple. You did it wrong and it did not help. Instructing you through the mysteries of personal dental hygiene is invaluable. Your dental team will show you proper flossing technique, how to find the ideal electric toothbrush, little brushes for between your teeth, and help you dive into oral water irrigation.

Before you know it, these habits will bring you better breath, healthy gums and bright and shiny teeth. Looking forward to dental visits is inevitable when you are no longer confused regarding how to care for your teeth and gums and have a dentist you adore.



Preserve your Interests


Regularly scheduled preventative visits to your dentist allow you to take care of small issues before they become big problems. It safeguards your health as a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. In addition, your dental visits allow for detection of other health issues that might potentially go unnoticed.

Re-care dental visits save you teeth, time and finances.

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Nudge your Nerd


You likely have noticed your dentist has gone techie. Cerec 3D crowns are designed in the computer, milled in the office and placed in your mouth on the same day. X-rays are digital. Before and after cosmetic digital photos show you your future smile. Short cone imaging allows the doctor to find the ideal spot for a dental implant and design a guide to assure optimal placement.

Appointments can be scheduled online and confirmation received via email or text.

IT is an integral component of dentistry. It just can’t get better!









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