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Three Easy Steps


Change the way you feel about the Dentist

Brush, Floss, Brain Wash

Dental Tool Shop


Set up your Tool Shop and Go to Work

You will look better.


-Get a magnifying mirror perhaps one that attaches to your bathroom mirror.

-Inspect your teeth before and after brushing and flossing.

-Invest in a toothbrush you like.

(We have found many patients enjoy Philips Sonicare.)

-Keep your toothbrush and floss out where you can see them.

-Brush and floss each morning when you wake up and each night before you go to bed.




Step it up with Self talk
You will feel better


-Be crazy, talk to yourself.

-Tell yourself how terrific it feels to brush and floss.

-Remind yourself a healthy mouth promotes a healthy body.

-Acknowledge improvement.

Asking Dr. Frankel for options




Find your dream Dentist

You will never miss an appointment.


-Tour several practices, find a dentist and staff you like.

-Choose an office that celebrates and guides your dental health.

-Sit back and enjoy better health and a bright, beautiful smile.


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