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Today is Single-Tasking day

Single what day? Single-tasking day is a day where you take one task and give it 100% of

your focus!

According to February 23, 2016 is “Single-Tasking Day.”

To Floss

      Floss is all there is.               Try 100%  flossing.


A far cry from what some call “single’s awareness day” (Feb. 14), single task day is for

all of you multi-taskers out there. While we all tend to juggle making dinner, doing

homework, checking social media, ordering from Amazon, and chatting with the family

all at one time, today is the day to make the madness stop!

It may seem like a weird and silly holiday- and we totally agree(d). Until we stopped and

really thought about how often we only give things a percentage of our focus and decided

that today, together as an office, we are going to focus on one thing.

One thing at a time.

                    One thing at a time.



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