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Spring Sports Guards



You wouldn’t play football without a helmet right? Of course not, the referees wouldn’t even let you take the field! It ridiculous to think of a soccer player without shin guards, or a hockey player without pads. We don’t even question the reasons why this protective gear is necessary – so why do we question or ignore the need to wear a mouth guard?


According to the Academy for Sports Dentistry, anyone participating in a contact or collision sport will benefit from a properly fitted and properly worn mouth guard. Also, individual competitors that are at risk, such as skateboarders, snowboarders, and other similar activities should always wear a mouth guard! This Spring Season, ensure you are protected with a sports guard from Frankel Dentistry.

Picture this: You’ve led your team to state, the fans and media are rushing the field to congratulate you and in every photo you have a massive chipped tooth from that defender that plowed you in the first quarter. GROSS. While that may be a badge of honor, wouldn’t you rather show off your big, beautiful, pearly white smile to remember the moment forever? If you had been wearing a proper sports guard, that chipped tooth may have been avoided!


Celebrate the win with a grin – not a grimace!


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