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Toledo Dental Professions share their top hints for a bright, beautiful and healthy smile.

Your dental professions dedicate their lives to keeping your smile bright and healthy. What better source for oral health hints than your Frankel Dental Family?

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Make sure you visit your dentist on a regular basis.  It may not bother you not there still might be an issue. Dental disease can be silent. Prevention is the key to a healthy smile.

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We all know flossing daily is important. Do what I do. Floss in the shower!


We have seen an increase in dental decay in children and adults. Avoid pop, coffee creamer and juice. Your teeth will thank you.


Floss no matter what the news reports tell you. Flossing works!


Ladies, to add drama to your whitened teeth wear red/blue lipstick.  Your teeth will look even brighter.


If you have sensitive teeth MI paste really works even when whitening!


Always, always, always wear your retainers after braces. If you lose your retainers replace them as soon as possible. Teeth move back to where they were before ortho if you don’t wear your retainers.


Electric toothbrushes do work. I think Philips Sonicare is best.


If you want whiter teeth, even dark tetracycline stained teeth can be whitened with the KOR Whitening System.


Learn how to floss properly. Many people really don’t know how to floss.


Give your children an enjoyable dental experience. Read books about dental visits, brush teeth together and mention how much you like going to the dentist. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. What better gift could you offer to your children?

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