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12 Reasons to See a Dentist
Patients schedule appointments for a variety of reasons including anything from a routine hygiene cleaning to a toothache. It’s important to listen to your body and never ignore or put off any signs that something is not right in your mouth. Put your health first and make the appointment – the sooner a problem is detected the better and it could save you in the long run.

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Here are 12 reasons you need to see a dentist:

1) You experience pain or swelling in mouth, face or neck
2) You have inflamed gums or a history of gum disease
3) You are not proud of your smile
4) Your dental history includes fillings, crowns, bridges – this work needs to be monitored.
5) You have ongoing medical issues such as diabetes, eating disorders, cardiovascular disease or HIV positive.
6) You are pregnant – it is safe to still go to the dentist.
7) You have difficulty eating and chewing and avoid eating certain foods.
8) You suffer from dry mouth
9) You use tobacco of any form
10) You experience jaw pain
11) You notice mouth sores or spots or have been diagnosed with oral cancer.
12) Your teeth are healthy – it’s important to maintain your twice a year checkups and hygiene cleanings.


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