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Frankel Dentistry takes your heart health seriously. The doctors, healthcare providers, and staff stress updated medical histories, regularly scheduled well care visits, proper brushing and flossing.

February has been designated American Heart Health month.

Several of these dedicated dental professionals posed for photos sharing the love for those with heart disease themselves or with family members with heart issues. Others offered their top hints for heart health.

Tristan Lipp

Rebecca Miller, R.D.H. shared, “Keep a healthy mouth, floss, brush, and see your dentist regularly.”

Zach Duckworth, Practice Integrator

“Brush, floss, and exercise regularly”, offered Dr. Andrew Smith.

Emily Schimming, RDH

Dr. Karim reminded us, “Monitor your blood pressure. We check it at each dental visit.”

Olivia Slates, RDH

Dr. Uveges added, “Limit your salt intake”.

Pamela Weitzel, Dental Concierge

Olivia Slates and her patient, a Toledo registered nurse, suggest, “Watch your intake of sweets and processed food.”

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