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Everyone needs a dentist.

Even if you have full upper and lower dentures it is prudent to periodically check the fit and the health of the oral tissue. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. It has never been more important to optimize overall health.

How do you find a dentist? Dr. Jonathan Frankel, Toledo, Ohio offers three suggestions toward finding the ideal dentist.

Ask friends and family.

The best way to know about a dental office is to ask someone who has been there.

Ask a friend.

Read reviews.

Patients willing to write reviews really has something to say. It is impressive when someone takes and time and energy to share their experience. Trust it.

Schedule a tour.

Check it out for yourself. Your gut instinct is your best guide. Look for convenient location, hours, modern technology, and the overall vibe.

Frankel Dentistry has been changing lives, a smile at a time since 1946. Recently it became the first employee-owned dental practice in the United States.

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