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Preventive Visits Cover Issues Like Sleep Apnea

Oral sleep appliances and snore guards are life savers for many. What is the difference? How do I know if I or my loved ones need either?

Are you tired? Do you fall asleep anytime your sit down for more than a minute or two? Do you snore or gasp for air at night? There is one way to know if you are suffering breathing difficulties when you sleep. Have a professional sleep study. There are markers such as tooth wear, snoring, or gasping for air while asleep but the most accurate diagnosis of sleep apnea is through a sleep study.

Proper Sleep Enhances Your Mood and Smile

Your doctor can prescribe a sleep study. Once you have a diagnosis you will rest easy. If you do have sleep apnea you may chose to use a C-PAP machine. If you have mild sleep apnea or are non-compliant with your C-PAP you may be a candidate for an oral sleep appliance. This is an oral device that repositions the jaw and opens the airway.

Snoring has ended relationships. Many people have found relief with a snore guard. It is different but like an oral sleep appliance.

Please ask you dentist for more information and wake up bright and fresh.

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