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November 1st is National Stress Day. We queried our dental professionals regarding stress reducing practices. These are the top five tips!

  1. Don’t keep it to yourself. Connect with others. Share your perspective.

  1. Just day no. Know your boundaries and hold your own.


  1. Keep it neat and tidy. Go to the car wash. Hire a cleaning service. Tackle the junk drawer.

  1. Take a walk or go to the gym. Physical activity is a great stress reliever.


  1. Breathe! Deep, squared breathing is a game changer.


Try these tips. They are easy and don’t take a lot of effort. If you do suffer from TMJ which may be related to stress. Call Frankel Dentistry.


A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. Bite appliances offer relief. There are additional options such as BOTOX. Many patients have found their smile and left stress behind.

As you know, Dr. Frankel is changing lives a smile at a time and wants to see you smile!

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