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  1. Gratitude Always. It has been quite a year for Frankel Dentistry. We have watched our spirits, team, and leadership grow immensely. With gratitude being one of our Core Values, we find it even more imperative to express gratitude for the big and small during this season. 

    One thing we can always be thankful for is our team. 

    Not only do we have the best patients, but the best team. 

    May Frankel Family and Children Photoshoot

    A positive workplace encourages productivity and inspires drive in all individuals. I’d love to thank our team for being focused on their goals, providing the best patient care, exercising strong communication, and always going above and beyond in their department as well as others. 

    We are grateful to build and grow with a driven, dedicated, and passionate team. Changing Lives a Smile at a Time is even more meaningful with people who uplift you and push us to be the best! So to all of our Frankel Dentistry teams -thank you, we are grateful for each and everyone of you.💙  Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

  1. The students at Woodland Elementary School Woodland Elementary School Woodland Elementary School Woodland Elementary School in Perrysburg, Ohio really live the Frankel Dentistry Core Values.

    Serve All – Always Better – Gratitude

    On Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2021, Frankel Dentistry in Toledo, Ohio received a special delivery. Sixteen big boxes of hard-earned Halloween Candy individually packaged with personal notes to our local troops.

    The doctors, healthcare providers, and staff at Frankel Dentistry have been smiling ever since the surprise donation.

    It is a welcome reversal. The local Frankel Dentistry jingle, “ Dr. Frankel wants to see your smile” on Thursday became “Woodland Elementary wants to see Toledo Troops smile!”

  1. November is National Mouth Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know over 300,000 cases rise a year? 

    There are dozens of habits and behaviors which may contribute to mouth cancer development but we’re here to bring awareness to the signs and help encourage preventative care. Cancer of the mouth may develop due to smoking, poor eating habits, and poor oral hygiene, untreated sores or ulcers and more. 

    Did you know at Frankel Dentistry during your comprehensive dental exams performed by our doctors, we take the time to look for any signs of cancer. We will work with you every step to ensure we can provide the best care for your needs. 

    Any dentist will tell you smoking can damage not just your lungs but mouth and throat. As a preventative care suggestion, putting a stop to all tobacco products can help limit the amount of carcinogens you are exposed to. We also advise you to establish a strong and efficient oral care routine to promote a healthier lifestyle.

    If you have any concerns regarding your oral health or dental health needs please call our Toledo or Maumee office to schedule an appointment today.


  1. Dental floss, you know what it is, but do you use it?

    Don’t tell Mom. I can’t find the floss.

    Flossing is the most effective way to remove bacteria plaque and food from in between your teeth. Technique is as important as frequency. Here’s what we know.

    -Floss your teeth as least once every 24 hours.

    -Do not see-saw back and forth against the gums.

    -Pull the floss tight against the tooth.

    -Gently slide the floss up and down the length of the tooth.

    Flossing Mama

    The patients at Frankel Dentistry have shared a few valuable hints regarding their use of dental floss.

    -Find a floss you like. Some of our favorites are Cocofloss, Dr. Tung’s, Glide and Expanding or stretchy floss.

    -Use a mirror. Several patients prefer magnified cosmetic mirrors.

    -Make it a habit.

    -Enjoy a healthier smile.

    Floss it
  1. Amazing Dental Patients

    Frankel Dentistry feels different from the minute you schedule online or call the office. Easy to contact and friendly, these dental professionals love what they do. It shows.

    They have over 5,000 reviews from their patients. These folks take the time to write and post about their experience. The daily morning meeting begins with the reading of the latest patient reviews.

    Happy Patient

    “It can be hard to find a good dentist when moving to the area. All of the hygienists, dentists, and office staff here are great though. They seem like they are happy to be working with their clients. they do a very good job. And they aren’t going to try and charge you for treatments you don’t nee. Everyone just seems like they know what they are doing , and I love that.” Anon

    “Exceeded expectations, as your people always do!” Richard F

    “I had my teeth cleaned by Ms. Karen today. She says I’m doing a wonderful job with my teeth. She had a hard time trying to find any plaque and that made me feel extremely happy. The staff is wonderful as usual.” Brenda W

    “Excellent!!!” Margaret H

    “Fantastic job” Timothy F

    “If you are nervous when it’s time to visit the dentist, at Frankel Dentistry you will meet the nicest dental group there is. They take time to listen to your concerns, and they go out of their way to make your feel comfortable. I’ve had teeth cleaned and cavities taken care of. They always have done a terrific job. You would enjoy your visit to this wonderful crew!” Jill S

    “Always a pleasure! Love seeing Tammy and Dr. Frankel. The best experience, highly recommend going there. Everyone is os kind and caring. Five Stars!!” Mitzie M

  1. Frankel Dentistry, Toledo, Ohio

    Need a dentist?

    Everyone needs a dentist.

    Even if you have full upper and lower dentures it is prudent to periodically check the fit and the health of the oral tissue. A healthy mouth promotes a healthy body. It has never been more important to optimize overall health.

    How do you find a dentist? Dr. Jonathan Frankel, Toledo, Ohio offers three suggestions toward finding the ideal dentist.

    Ask friends and family.

    The best way to know about a dental office is to ask someone who has been there.

    Ask a friend.

    Read reviews.

    Patients willing to write reviews really has something to say. It is impressive when someone takes and time and energy to share their experience. Trust it.

    Schedule a tour.

    Check it out for yourself. Your gut instinct is your best guide. Look for convenient location, hours, modern technology, and the overall vibe.

    Frankel Dentistry has been changing lives, a smile at a time since 1946. Recently it became the first employee-owned dental practice in the United States.

    Who is your dentist?
  1. Frankel Dentistry’s Five Top Tips for Dental Insurance Coverage

    Dental insurance is a great benefit. Midwest dentist, Dr. Jon Frankel has five tips to best use dental coverage.

    1. Study the plan options during open enrollment and find the plan that best serves your dental health. Make sure there are dentists in your area who accept your plan.

    2. Find a dentist who will do complimentary benefits checks and treatment plan consultations. Understanding your treatment options and insurance benefits helps you gain and maintain dental health.

    3. Schedule your new patient exam and subsequent visits early in the year.

    4. Make sure to schedule at least two well checks or hygiene re-care visits every year. Take care of small issues before they become big problems!

    5. Understand your dental insurance is a great help but behavior is the key to a healthy smile. Brush. Floss. Complete needed treatment as soon as possible.

    Want additional information? Check the American Dental Association website at

    or call Frankel Dentistry at 419-474-9611 Toledo, Ohio or 419-483-0221 Maumee, Ohio.

  1. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over 70% of those over 65 years of age have periodontal disease. Periodontal Disease begins with bleeding gums and progresses to a silent, chronic infection that destroys the bone and gums that support your teeth. Teeth become loose, supporting tissue recedes, and often teeth are lost. The infection does not remain localized to the oral cavity or mouth. Studies have long indicated a correlation between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. For more information, contact Frankel Dentistry for a copy of their brochure, A Healthy Mouth Promotes a Healthy Body.

    The good news is you can prevent this chronic debilitating disease. It may start at a young age. The first stage is an acute infection. Gum tissue bleeds when the teeth are brushed or flossed. Ironically, it is the same brushing and flossing along with regular dental visits that reverse gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. Periodontal Disease can be prevented with proper oral hygiene, regular dental visits, and sound nutrition.

    It is tragic that so many people are left without a natural looking smile, are unable to eat as they once did, and often find clearly speaking a challenge. Especially since, it could be prevented.

    Toledo, Ohio Dentist Dr. Jon Frankel has made it his passion to change lives a smile at a time. By offering the best dental experience his patients enjoy dental visits and healthy smiles.

    Stop the vicious cycle of periodontal disease. Your mouth will thank you.

  1. Frankel Dentistry specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. While Cosmetic Dentistry is one of Dr. Frankel’s passions he also highlights the importance of Restorative Dentistry and the impact it makes on thousands of people each year. Same Day Fixed Implant Dentures fall into this category and at Frankel Dentistry we have changed the lives with this procedure.

    Partial edentulism affects a large majority of adults in America. Over 33 million individuals have dentures. Dentures replace missing teeth with prosthetics and restore the size and shape of the original smile. An Implant Denture is a set of prosthetics supported by a titanium post placed in the patient’s mouth. Implant dentures offer convenience, natural function, natural looking smile, and longevity. Fixed implants preserve the bone and maintain facial features, patients are able to talk, chew, and smile just as before with their natural teeth. Only your dental professional will be able to detect your dentures. If you maintain proper care and stay up to date with you recare appointments your implant dentures can last a lifetime.

    Call today to schedule your FREE consultation. You can meet our team, tour our office, and discuss all your oral care goals.

  1. The Toledo Blade held their first ever Reader’s Choice Awards. This year Toledo Blade Readers voted Frankel Dentistry as Best Dentist! We are honored and grateful to serve our Toledo community through excellent, quality dental care. Our doctors, healthcare providers, and staff consistently strive to create a positive experience for every patient. From the minute you step in our door to the second you leave we want to ensure you feel safe and welcomed. Our patients are what motivate us to be the best. Our team is guided by our core values, “Serve All” and “Always Better” and everyday we highlight the importance of gratitude, encouragement, and togetherness. These values lead us to create gold standard, genuine dental care for our community. Thank you The Blade and thank you Toledo, we are grateful to serve you!

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