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    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month
    Get screened today!

    April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month which includes cancer of the mouth, tongue, tonsil or throat. Risk factors for oral cancer include a long term use of tobacco and alcohol as well as exposure to the HPV-16 virus (human papilloma virus version 16) which is also responsible for a large majority of cervical cancers in women.


    Cancers of the mouth are the most preventable. Ways you can reduce your risk of oral cancer include:
    – Avoid tobacco in all forms.
    – Consume alcohol in moderation.
    – Practice safety in the sun by limiting your exposure and wear SPF
    – Remove your dentures every night and clean them daily
    – Visit your dentist for your routine exams and cleanings
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    Most importantly, oral exams will help detect any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. At Frankel Dentistry, we provided oral cancer screenings with your exam. If you wear dentures, we are able to evaluate them to ensure they are in good condition.
    Heather and Tami
    Please help spread the word and help educate your family and friends about oral cancer this month.

  2. Patient Testimonial

    I love going to my dentist because of the genuine friendly and helpful spirit that is present at Dr. Frankel’s office.  When I first came to this office I would get panic attacks in the chair as my past experiences with dentists had been so horrific. I can’t say enough good about my dentist and my dental hygienist–as well as the dental assistants.  I appreciate the professionalism, the decor, the kind of service, and the interest each staff member seems to take in me.  It is unheard of to get a referral to a specialist from any Dr. and get in the same day!  I was amazed at how Dr. Frankel and then the office personnel made a referral today, got a hold of them on the phone, and made it possible for me to leave the office and drive directly to the specialist. I trust and enjoy conversing with each staff member and appreciate the relaxed atmosphere–almost family-like feeling I get when walking in the doors and as I leave. In this busy, hectic, trouble-filled world–it is so nice to go to the dentist (the least likely person I would look forward to seeing) and actually enjoy going! Thank you so much EVERYONE for making me feel like you actually care and for changing my opinions of dentists and the dental experience. I recommend you to everyone I meet!!


    (written 6/17/2010)

  3. Hello world!

    Jon Frankel Dentistry in Toledo, Ohio and Frankel & Puhl Dentistry in Maumee, Ohio look forward to serving the community beyond the confines of our offices.

  4. Congratulations!

    Jonathan Frankel, DDS voted 2010 Best Dentist in Toledo!

    Annually, The Toledo City Paper asks Toledo area residents to select the most excellent Toledo provides and Dr. Jonathan Frankel was been chosen as Toledo’s Best Dentist.

    Comments from Dr. Frankel’s patients on hearing the news:

    “That’s no surprise; everyone knows Dr. Frankel and his staff are the best!”  Michael

    “I love going to Dr. Frankel. It is always a pleasure”.  Anthony

    “I am really happy to find a perfect dentist. Everyone is great. I recommend you to all I know. Thank you all so much!” Shannon

    “Are you surprised? It is always a pleasure at Dr. Frankel’s office. Thanks for all you do. I feel like part of the family.” James

    “I am extremely happy. Thank you, Dr. Frankel and all your wonderful staff. The way I am treated each visit is amazing to say the least.” Christopher


    One of the reasons Dr. Frankel is accepted as Toledo’s best is his unswerving commitment listening to his patients and offering the latest advances in dentistry. Dr. Frankel’s patients are offered several options toward achieving optimal dental heath and the smile they desire.

    One such advance is Snap-on Smile.

    Snap-on Smile requires no shots, no drilling and no adhesives. A beautiful, natural smile offering life-altering results in just two weeks.. It is an appliance that snaps over the teeth bringing a quick and affordable solution for patients unable to smile.

    Call Dr. Frankel for a complimentary consultation to see if a snap-on smile is all you are waiting for.

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